Steam Generator Irons

Double the steam
Iron faster with a Philips steam generator iron

Philips PerfectCare Compact steam generator iron

PerfectCare Compact
Steam generator iron

Upgrade to a steam generator iron and go much faster than with a steam iron.
  • Iron fast: choose a steam generator iron with 2 times more continuous powerful steam than a steam iron* 

* compared to Philips Azur Performer steam iron 


  • Large water tank (1.5L) for big ironing loads.  Refill anytime during ironing without switching off. 

  • With OptimalTEMP technology, iron any fabric from jeans to silk without having to adjust the temperature. Guaranteed no burns.

  • Smart Calc-Clean system  provides  descaling at the touch of a button. No cartridge is needed. No hassle, no extra cost!

  • Lightweight steam generator iron with compact design for effortless ironing.
Dimensions of the Philips PerfectCare Compact steam generator iron

Did you know that steam generators can help you save up to 30 minutes a week compared to steam irons**?

Compared to a steam iron, a steam generator iron can produce up to 2 times more continuous steam to speed up your ironing.

Effortless ironing, ready in no time – so you can spend more time doing the things you love!


* Based on internal test using average ironing basket compared to Philips GC3802 steam iron and UK consumers who iron for at least 120 minutes a week as reported by independent agency.

Iron fast
with 2 x more continuous powerful steam

Ironing has become easier and faster thanks to the powerful continuous steam generated by Philips ProVelocity steam engine.

No burns guarantee
No temperature settings needed with OptimalTEMP


We guarantee this iron will never cause burns to any ironable fabric. You can even leave it resting face down on your clothes or ironing board. No burns, no shine. Guaranteed.

steam generator iron with compact design for effortless ironing

Easy to handle and easy to store.  Our most compact steam generator so far.

Iron big loads
with one fill

The 1.5L water tank allows you to tackle big ironing loads without needing to refill it.  Add water at anytime during ironing without switching off.

Extend your iron’s lifetime with our effective descaling solution


Now it’s easy to keep your PerfectCare Compact going strong – thanks to our

Smart Calc-Clean system that comes with a container to make descaling easier.

This means no cartridges are required so no additional costs!

Your iron will indicate when it needs descaling – simply push the ‘Calc-Clean’

button and it will do the job  for you!

Find the best steam generator iron for you

FastCare Compact

FastCare Compact

FastCare Compact

Steam generator iron
PerfectCare Compact

PerfectCare Compact

PerfectCare Compact

Steam generator iron


  • No
  • Yes


  • Max 4.8 bar pump pressure
  • Max 5.3 bar pump pressure

Steam boost

  • Up to 170 g steam boost
  • Up to 280 g steam boost

Water tank type + capacity

  • 1.2L fixed water tank
  • 1.5L fixed water tank

Descaling system

  • Smart Calc-Clean (no cartridges needed)
  • Smart Calc-Clean (no cartridges needed)

Carry lock

  • Yes
  • Yes

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Philips PerfectCare Compact steam generator iron

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