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    We are committed to offering best-in-class products and services for the entire automotive aftermarket. Our proven ability to innovate brings the latest technological advances to automotive lighting, maximizing safety and driving comfort for all road-users.

    Leading innovation

    Leading innovation

    Embrace unrivalled technology.
    With Philips LED upgrades, push performance to new dimensions.

    Enhanced brightness

    Enhanced brightness

    Maximize your driving comfort.
    With Philips high-performance ranges, you see better and further.

    Unique style

    Unique style

    Show who you are.
    With Philips styling ranges, personalize your car with a touch of elegance.

    Extended lifetime

    Extended lifetime

    Spend more time on the road and less time with your mechanics.
    With Philips sturdy ranges, you experience long-lasting light.

    Rational choice

    Rational choice

    Be sure to choose the reference.
    With Philips competitive price-performance ratio ranges, you always make the right choice.

    "Always dedicated to enhancing your road experience through light"


    See and be seen


    Light is fundamental to driving. It is the first and only part of the safety circle that proactively helps prevent accidents. At Philips automotive lighting we promote safety through better visibility and illumination of the road. This means all road-users are seen sooner by others and can themselves see further to avoid potential hazards.

    Safety matters

    Safety circle

    Preventing accidents

    Light is fundamental to driving. It is the first and only part of the safety circle that proactively helps prevent accidents. 

    Philips promotes safety through better visibility and illumination of the road.

    Day and night visibility

    Night and poor visibility: 84% higher risk* of serious accidents

    Our eyes need light to see. When driving, seeing the road, other road-users, obstacles and animals is what keeps us safe. Seeing allows us to act, react and decide. Better lighting lets drivers and road-users see more, sooner and more clearly – and thus adapt to the situation.

    *In accidents involving personal injury, the proportion of fatally injured car occupants and pedestrians is increased by an average of 84% when visibility is restricted. 

    Source: German Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), 2020: Fachserie 8 Verkehr, Reihe 7 Verkehrsunfälle 2019

    Lighting needs and age comparison

    With increasing age, you need more light to counter balance the following challenges


    • Poorer color perception and diminished contrast
    • Increased sensitivity to glare
    • Difficulty evaluating distances
    • Fatigue

    Leading the way in light exploration for more than 100 years

    Philips story video

    Philips story

    Because innovation never ends!

    We are proud to be your partner in automotive lighting to shape the future together.

    Cutting-edge research, development and manufacturing power our innovation, creating step-change solutions accessible to everyone. Trust is what we strive to earn from customers and partners through the quality of our products, fitted to more than a third of the world’s cars. Seeking to transform the driver experience through light, we design our bulbs for the ultimate in performance, durability and continuous customer satisfaction.

    Technology breakthroughs video

    Technology breakthroughs

    Research, development and manufacturing  excellence enable ground-breaking innovation.  Advancing technology building blocks lead to bright, long-lasting and elegant new products.

    Original equipment quality video

    Original equipment quality

    Today, our automotive bulbs  are the choice of over 100 car manufacturers and are installed in more than one third of the world’s car park. Quality and innovation make a difference.

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