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Enjoy 12 months of hair-free smooth skin* with Lumea IPL

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What is IPL and how does it work?

Intense Pulsed Light uses warm gentle light to put hair to sleep. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) uses warm gentle pulses of light to put the hair to sleep, preventing it from growing back for up to 12 months*. With Lumea, women typically see a 92% hair reduction after just three treatments**.


*Median hair reductions after 12 treatments: 86% on lower legs, 70% on bikini, 67% on armpits.

**Measured on legs, after 3 treatments, 27 out of 55 women reach 92% or higher results

Is IPL suitable for me?

Lumea IPL 9000 is effective on naturally dark blonde, brown and black hair and on skin tones from very white to dark brown. As with other IPL-based treatments Lumea cannot be used to treat white, grey, light blonde or red hair and is not suitable for very dark skin.

Suitable skin tones

Body hair colour table

Suitable body hair colours

Skin tone table

Senses, adapts, cares

Lumea IPL 9000 Series is designed to understand your skin, detecting your skin tone – even if seasonal sun changes your colour - and selecting the most comfortable light setting for that tone. The three intelligent attachments adapt programmes tailored for each body area.

One Lumea, every curve.

Specially designed attachments are shaped to perfectly fit every curve of each body area, for effective treatment on your way to 12 months of hair-free smooth skin*. Discover where you can use Lumea as part of your hair removal routine.

Your step by step guide to Lumea treatments

Shaving, step 1

Step 1

Remove hair by shaving, epilating or waxing

Skin tone detection, step 2

Step 2

Select the right setting for your skin tone using the SmartSkin sensor.

BRI956 Lumea step 3

Step 3

Hold Lumea at a 90 degree angle and press the flash button.

BRI956 Lumea Step 4

Step 4

Start moving Lumea across the treatment area by either holding down the flash button, or pressing when needed.

Lumea IPL app

With you every step of the way

The free Lumea IPL app features personalised treatment programmes, adaptive scheduling and tips and tricks for getting long-lasting smooth skin even more easily.

How to use the Philips Lumea IPL 9000 Series

Lumea IPL hair removal, how to use

What's in the box?

Philips Lumea IPL 9000

Feel smoother. Our fastest and most efficient IPL hair removal device yet, Philips Lumea IPL 9000 Series offers easy, at home IPL. Specifically designed for the body's curves, its 4 intelligent attachments fit and adapt to treat each specific body part.

Philips Lumea IPL 9000 Series also has a premium pouch.

Philips Lumea IPL face attachment

Face attachment

Flat window for precise use on the upper lip, chin or jawline. Additional red filter automatically adjusts the light treatment for gentle and effective use on your face.

Philips Lumea IPL body attachment

Underarm attachment

Curved-out design for maximum skin contact in harder-to-treat areas.

Philips Lumea IPL body attachment

Body attachment

The largest curved, contour-following design for fast treatment on large body areas like legs, arms and stomach.

Philips Lumea IPL precision attachment

Bikini attachment

Bikini attachment is gentle and comfortable, even in sensitive areas.

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