Philips Ambilight TV

Philips Ambilight TV

Let the magic unfold

    Our favourite Ambilight TVs

    OLED+ 936 TV


    • Always a picture so real. P5 Dual AI Engine 
    • Thrilling 3D sound. Bowers & Wilkins and Dolby Atmos
    • All-round immersion. 4-sided Ambilight
    • Available in 48", 55" and 65" sizes

    the one


    • 4K LED. Vibrant HDR picture. Smooth motion.
    • Cinematic sound. Dolby Atmos
    • Magical 3-sided Ambilight
    • Available in 43", 50", 58", 65", 70" and 75" sizes

    Ambilight makes the difference

    Ambilight video

    Ambilight changes everything

    Feel it. Play it. Live it.

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    Ambilight puts you on the pitch


    Ambilight brings you closer to all the action. Choose the best TV for watching football and kick it up a notch.

    Ambilight brings cinema home


    Extend the experience. Magnify the excitement. Drama feels deeper and action feels bigger with Ambilight. 

    Ambilight leaps off the screen


    Gaming on your TV? Just when you thought the action couldn't get more intense, Ambilight will bring the thrill of the game right into the room.

    Ambilight brings sound to life


    In Music Mode, Ambilight brings your playlists to life with dynamic, colourful lightshows—for on-screen and beyond.

    Ambilight sets the mood


    Had enough screen time? Turn the TV off and let Ambilight’s warm glow create the perfect atmosphere to chill out.

    with Ambilight without Ambilight

    Experience the magic of Ambilight

    Ambilight’s dynamic lightshow bathes your room in warm, immersive light. Intelligent LEDs behind the edges of the screen cast on-screen colours onto the wall, in real time. Try it once and you’ll wonder how you ever enjoyed TV without it.

    Philips Ambilight
    W6505 Wireless Speaker

    Light up your sound


    The Philips W6505 wireless speaker doesn’t just do music—it does Ambilight too. Simply press the Ambilight link button on the speaker to connect to your TV and enjoy a deeper Ambilight effect.

    Discover Philips Ambilight TV Ranges

    FAQ icon

    Your questions, answered

    What is Ambilight TV?

    A Philips Ambilight TV has intelligent LEDs embedded in the rear casing, around three or all four sides of the TV. The LEDs emit a halo of light that’s filled with the colours you see on screen. Colours shift and change in perfect sync with the action. 

    Can I add Ambilight to any other TV?

    No. Ambilight is a built-in feature that’s unique to Philips TVs. Ambilight’s ability to reproduce on-screen colours, and follow on-screen action, is controlled by Philips software. Lights added to a TV after purchase won’t have this capability.

    Is Ambilight a gimmick?

    Not at all! People who buy an Ambilight TV tell us they love it so much they never want to watch TV without it. Ambilight can also be good for your eyes, providing a ‘bias lighting’ source that reduces eye strain when watching TV in a dark room.

    Can Ambilight be turned off?

    Yes, you can turn Ambilight on and off using your TV remote—or via the Ambilight section of the TV menu. You can also use the menu to choose an Ambilight mode. Ambilight can follow on-screen action, follow music, or even act as a static mood light.

    What sizes of Ambilight TV are there?

    Ambilight TVs are available in a range of sizes from 43 in to 75 in. Whether it’s a standard-sized TV or one of our larger models, the Ambilight effect itself will make what you’re watching feel bigger and even more immersive.

    Can I use my Ambilight TV as a lighting solution?

    Yes! Ambilight isn’t only for watching TV or playing games. Set your Ambilight to Lounge mode to create a unique lighting effect for your living space. If you’re listening to music, you can ask Ambilight to follow the tunes with a dynamic lightshow. 

    Discover our top Ambilight TVs 

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    • Lifelike OLED picture with P5 AI
    • Cinematic sound with Dolby Atmos
    • Light show with 4-sided Ambilight

    • Beautifully sharp 4K LED TV with P5
    • Cinematic sound with Dolby Atmos
    • Light show with 3-sided Ambilight

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