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Enjoy more goodness in every glass

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Enjoy more goodness in every glass

Philips Juicer

Extract up to 90% of the juice*
with effortless cleanup in 60 seconds

Philips Avance MicroMasticating juicer

From the softest fruit to the hardest veg, MicroMasticating technology opens up the cells to extract maximum nutrition – even from leafy greens, bananas and nuts. Innovative no-sieve design means cleaning is as simple as running the detachable parts under the tap.


MicroMasticating technology extracts up to 90% of the juice from fruits and vegetables*


Juice directly into your glass, with drip-stop spout


Pre-clean function squeezes out every last drop of juice

Enjoy three delicious recipes by fitness and lifestyle blogger Lottie Murphy…

Morning Energiser

Morning Energiser


We’ve teamed up with fitness and lifestyle blogger Lottie Murphy to help you kick start your day the right way. Bursting with brightly coloured carrots and delicious fruit and veg, this citrusy juice is perfect for firing up your digestion, giving you a much needed boost to start your day. 

Daytime Booster

Daytime Booster


This juice is the perfect mid afternoon boost. Fill  your body with hydrating and colourful vegetables that will help you stay focused for the rest of the day and increase productivity. Give your body a shot of nutrients and antioxidants rather than a shot of caffeine.

Evening Relaxer

Evening Relaxer


This citrusy and spicy juice is the perfect pre or post dinner snack. The 2 inches of ginger give the juice a refreshing zing and the Cayenne pepper aids circulation – perfect for those who work behind a desk all day. 

Eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables is widely recognised as one of the most important elements of a healthy eating plan but it’s hard to eat enough of them if you’re leading a busy life. That’s why squeezing fresh, home-made juices is a great way to include the right combination of fruits and vegetables in your daily routine.


As the leading juicer brand worldwide, Philips brings you cold press and centrifugal juicers that help extract maximum nutrition from your ingredients, and offer ease-of-use and convenient cleaning so that you can make juices everyday. 

A healthy and nutritious boost to your day      

Fresh juices

Our masticating juicers efficiently handle any ingredients you like. So you can experiment with fruits, hard vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and seeds to create the perfect juice for everyone in the family.

Vegetable juicer

It's perfectly natural. Get more vitamins, nutrients and fiber from fresh fruit and veg with our MicroMasticating juicer.

Glasses of juice

Discover your own perfect juice. Make delicious, healthy juices from all your fruits and vegetables with masticating juicers from the world's number one juicer brand.

a couple of philips device accessories

MicroMasticating technology: Get up to 90%* of your favorite fruit


  1. It cuts the ingredients into small pieces
  2. It slowly squeezes the juice from your fruits and vegetables
  3. At 300 revolutions per minute the screw presses the juice from the fruit under high pressure

Easy & convenient from start to finish


  • A special pre-clean function squeezes the last drops of juice into your glass and rinses the juicer at the same time.
  • QuickClean allows you to detach and rinse everything clean under tap water in just 60 seconds.
  • Our unique no-sieve design makes clean-up a breeze without sponges or brushes.
  • Our innovative drip-stop spout keeps your counter clean between glasses.
  • Detachable dishwasher safe parts


Cleaning instructions may vary. Please check the product manual for specific recommendations.

3D Blending

Leaves, greens and nuts

Leaves and greens are full of fibre and vitamins, and are great ingredients for healthy juices; all of which can be processed in this juicer. Wheatgrass, spinach and many others can be a great addition to your daily juices. You can even use certain kind of nuts, like almonds, to prepare almond milk. 

Quick clean technology

Soft fruits to hard vegetables

With our MicroMasticating technology making delicious and healthy juices from soft fruits and hard vegetables is simple. You can easily create juices using softer fruits such as bananas or mangos, to harder vegetables like carrots or ginger. 

Manual Mode

Larger feeding tubes

Save time and start juicing faster with our large feeding tubes that allow you to juice even large fruit and vegetables like apples, carrots and beetroots without pre-cutting.

Explore our full range      

Avance Collection

Avance Collection

Avance Collection

MicroMasticating juicer
Viva Collection

Viva Collection

Viva Collection

Masticating juicer


  • 200W
  • 150W


  • MicroMasticating
  • Masticating


  • MicroMasticating technology extracts up to 90% of the juice from fruits and vegetables*
  • Masticating technology extracts up to 80% of the juice from fruits and vegetables**

Additional Features

  • Drip Stop
  • Drip Stop
    XL feeding tube

*Internal tests on 1000g each of grapes, apples, blackberries, strawberries, tomatoes, watermelon, oranges, pomegranates

**Internal tests on 1000g each of pomegranate and watermelon

The difference between a cold press juicer and centrifugal juicer


The cold press juicer differs from the centrifugal juicer through the way the juice is extracted. While the centrifugal juicer separates the juice from the pulp by centrifuging, the cold press juicer presses the juice from fruit and vegetables. Neither of the juicers generate heat during juice extraction. Both juicers make the most of your fresh fruits and vegetables and therefore have a similar level of vitamins and nutrients. 


Our centrifugal juicers and new Avance cold press juicer can be cleaned within 1 minute. When you are looking for a quick-to-prepare juice, you can choose a centrifugal juicer. When you prefer a juice, full of fibres, the cold press juicer is the most suitable for you. With both models you can enjoy healthy and delicious juice every day, full of vitamins!

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