Beardtrimmer series 3000 beard trimmer

1 mm precision settings, Stainless steel blades, 30 min cordless use/8 h charge, USB charging QT3310/13

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the numbers on the comb or display indicate?

The numbers on the comb or display indicate the length setting.
This can be the remaining hair length in mm or inches, or a number that corresponds to a length setting.

The information on this page applies to the following models: QT3310/13 , BT7202/13 , BT5200/13 , BT405/13 , QT4013/23 , BT5262/13 , QS6141/33 , BT9280/33 , QT4005/13 , QS6140/32 , QT4000/13 , QG3040/30 . more less

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