OneBlade to trim, edge, shave, Designed to cut hair, not skin, 3 x click-on stubble combs, Rechargeable, wet and dry use QP2520/25

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the appliance be rinsed under a tap?

Yes, the appliance can be rinsed under the tap.

The information on this page applies to the following models: QP2520/25 , QP6520/25 , QP2530/25 , TT2040/32 , QP6510/25 , BT5200/13 , QG3337/15 , MG1100/16 , NT3160/10 , NT1150/10 , BG105/10 , BT5262/13 , BT9280/33 , QG3322/13 , QG3362/23 , QG3352/23 , QG3332/23 , NT9145/10 , BG2024/15 , BG2036/32 , QS6140/32 , NT9110/30 . more less

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