Shaver series 5000 Wet and dry electric shaver

Shaver series 5000 Wet and dry electric shaver

MultiPrecision Blade System, 5-direction Flex Heads, SmartClick precision trimmer S5530/06


How should I clean the shaver?

Regular cleaning is important to maintain an optimal shaving result.

After every shave:

  1. Turn the shaver on.
  2. Rinse the shaving unit under a hot tap.
  3. Turn the shaver off.
  4. Open the shaving unit.
  5. Rinse the inside of the shaving unit and hair chamber under a hot tap for 30 seconds.
  6. Reassemble the shaving unit and carefully shake off excess water. Let the shaving unit dry completely.

Every 2 months:
Clean the shaving heads. Please refer to the FAQ on how to remove and replace the shaving heads.

The information on this page applies to the following models: S5530/06 , S5572/40 , S5572/10 , S3580/06 , S5210/06 , AT899/06 , S3120/06 , S5360/06 , S5130/06 , S5600/41 , S5420/06 , AT886/16 , AT790/17 , PT731/16 , AT750/20 , AT890/20 , PT715/17 , PT920/19 , PT870/17 , PT860/17 , PT730/17 , PT720/17 , RQ1261/17 , RQ1250/17 , RQ1280/22 , RQ1280/21 , RQ1280/17 , RQ1260/17 , HS8420/23 , HS8440/23 , HS8020/33 , HS8040/18 , HS8060/25 . more less

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