Viva Collection Airfryer

TurboStar, Low fat fryer, White, 1425 W, 0.8 kg HD9620/01


The body of the Philips Airfryer heats up during use

The Philips Airfryer uses Rapid Air technology to circulate air at up to 200°C. While some increase in casing temperature may be noticed, there is no risk to you.

The heat inside radiates to the outside walls

If you leave the Airfryer switched on for a longer time, some areas will get too hot to touch. These areas are marked with the icon shown below. As long as you are aware of the hot areas and avoid touching them, the Airfryer is completely safe to use. But do not worry - all handles, knobs and buttons that you need to touch during use will stay cool enough to touch.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD9620/01 , HD9240/90 , HD9220/50 , HD9225/50 , HD9220/20 . more less

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