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System Recovery message displayed on my TV screen

The internal memory of the Streamium has been corrupted e.g. during downloading new software from the Internet and it needs to start the emergency bootloader program that connects to the Internet to restore the Streamium to a working state automatically. Press the red button on the remote control to start the emergency bootloader: * It will try to recover as many of the existing settings as possible for to your wireless network and the Internet * If it cannot recover any wireless settings, you will be asked to connect the Streamium with an Ethernet cable to your Internet gateway router or PC with Internet access * It will ask you for any additional settings it needs to connect to the Internet. See the chapter about the Options menu for reference. * Once the emergency bootloader has been able to connect to the Internet and has downloaded a valid software version, it will display ?Restarting system…?. The Streamium should be working again. If not, check your settings by pressing the MENU button.

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