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My Philips DVDR cannot retrieve the Guide+ data

Published on 2017-08-24

If you are experiencing difficulties retrieving the Guide+ data, please go over the following: * Please verify whether you have set the correct host channel. Consult your provider to find out if and on which channel the Guide+ data is being transmitted and adjust the settings in your recorder's menu if necessary. * Leave your recorder on standby for at least 24 hours. Your recorder will not download the Guide+ data if it is switched on, so you need to switch it standby, which means that you will not be able to use the device while it is downloading Guide+ data. * Verify if you have entered the correct data during the first Guide+ installation. If you notice that the country setting is being changed automatically, you may need to change the country setting of your TV. When you need to enter your postal/zip code, you should only enter the first two characters. * Access the Guide+ menu and select {Setup (Installation)} * Select the {Setup (Installation)} option to verify how many data packages have been received. If the number behind {Files} reads 708/8, for example, it means that 708 files have been received and that 8 files have been lost during the process. If you see that a considerable number of files have been lost, you need to verify the connections (including the antenna) of your device.

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