Cordless phone answer machine

    Cordless phone answer machine

    Enhanced Voice, Clear Colour

    With voice clarity as clear as the bright colour screen, the CD6 series combines the best in voice and outstanding colour. An enhanced communication experience will delight users.


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Enhanced Voice, Clear Colour

  • Icon-driven colour menu

    All functions are grouped into several menu items that are symbolised by a collared icon. This facilitates navigation and use of the phone.

  • HD sound

    Enjoy high quality conversation, with a level of clarity rarely heard before. Thanks to a high-quality speaker and to a real acoustic chamber, the audio spectrum reaches far beyond what's normally heard on a telephone.

  • Message-counter on Base

    Just look at the base station to instantly know whether you have received any messages.

  • SMS text messaging

    SMS (Short Message Service) lets you send and receive messages of limited length.

  • Speakerphone - Talk handsfree

    Handsfree mode uses a built-in loud speaker to amplify the voice of the caller, allowing you to speak and listen during a call without holding the phone to your ear. This is especially useful if you want to share the call with others or take notes during a call.

  • Digital answering machine

    With a digital answering machine, you'll never miss a call or message.

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