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Immerse yourself in the ultimate audio experience with Philips home cinema sound products. We strive to enhance your living space by delivering full surround sound systems that integrate seamlessly into your home. Experience every audio detail, from the most subtle acoustic nuance, to rumbling bass and crisp, clear vocals. Whether you’re enjoying your favourite movies, music or games, you can enjoy superior sound, even wirelessly, just as it was intended with Philips home cinema sound.

High fidelity home cinema sound

When it comes to cinema sound in your home, every detail matters. Philips Fidelio has redefined the home entertainment experience by combining high fidelity sound, seamless connectivity and mindful product design. The result is detailed, multidimensional surround sound with a wide, dynamic range which brings cinema to life in the comfort of your own living space.

Designed for cinematic sound


Philips Fidelio home cinema products are designed to create a surround sound with high fidelity sound that maintains constant clarity from every angle in your room. Each and every product form is considered and composed of the highest grade acoustic components, custom-designed to bring the subtlest of music details to cinematic life.


Connectivity, simplified


Advances in technology, don’t always mean advances in connectivity. At Philips, we pride ourselves on the fact that our designs are mindful of environment, user and function. Connectivity and digital have been simplified so that you can enjoy a seamless transition between places and purposes where you want to experience home cinema surround sound.

Cinematic surround sound

Iconic in design, flexible in use, our ‘Surround on Demand’ home cinema  speakers are designed to enhance all your music and cinematic needs in the home. Listen to your music in high fidelity stereo sound or easily reposition satellite speakers to create a truly immersive surround sound experience in your home.

Wireless surround sound in any room


Our home cinema speakers bring together audio expertise combined with intuitive wireless streaming technology, helping to deliver the freedom of music to any room.

True cinematic surround sound


Dedicated channels for each speaker deliver surround sound in dynamic, cinematic quality. Automatic spatial calibration is the latest in intelligent sound - speakers communicate within your space to optimize your surround sound experience. Even at full-volume, high-fidelity sounds can fill your living space evenly, for a truly immersive entertainment experience.


SoundBar with slim design and big sound

When space in your home is limited our SoundBar and SoundStage speakers are designed to deliver powerful cinematic sound experiences from a slim archetype.

Soundbar and SoundStage


SoundBar features angled speakers which disperse sound, creating virtual surround sound. SoundStage integrates a full entertainment audio solution into one system to fit conveniently underneath your television. These products are smart solutions that easily adapt to your home environment as a complete surround sound audio system for television, music and gaming.

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