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How to use REC/OTR button on my Philips recorder?

Published on 2017-08-24

To switch on Direct record: 1. Press the 'TUNER' button, then the 'SYSTEM MENU' button on the remote control. 2. Press the cursor down button to PREFERENCES and press the cursor right button. 3. Press the cursor down button to DIRECT RECORD. 4. Press the cursor right button to select ON or OFF. 5. Press the 'SYSTEM MENU' button to exit the menu. To Start recording with REC/OTR button: 1. Switch the recorder to standby 2. Press the 'REC/OTR' button to start the recording. 3. Select the program number on the TV set from which you want to make the recording. 4. To stop the recording press and hold the red function button for 5 seconds.NOTE: * You can only stop the recording when the on screen display is activated. Press the 'INFO+' button to activate the on screen display. * If you don't hold the red button for long enough it will erase the recording again. To transfer the recording from the hard disk to a recordable DVD+R(W) disk: 1. Insert a recordable DVD+R (W) disk. 2. Press the 'BROWSER HDD' button. 3. Press cursor up/down to select a recorded section on your HDD. 4. Press the green button 'ARCHIVE' to start copying the disk.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HDRW720/05 .

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