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How do I install my Philips SHOQBOX?

Published on 2017-08-24

IMPORTANT: Before doing the installation, please make sure that your PC is running on one of the following operating systems * Windows 98SE or ME * Windows 2000 ? SP4 (or above) * Windows XP (home or Professional) SP1 (or above) For users with Windows 2000 SP1, 2 or 3, please upgrade your system to SP4 (or above) from For users with Windows XP Home or Professional ? you also need to upgrade to SP1 (or above) from the Microsoft support site. For all legal licensees, upgrades of Windows SP are free. Also to avoid possible conflict between applications, it is recommended to close all other windows applications, anti-virus software and deactivate the firewall (if any) before performing the installation of the music manager software. 1. Always install the software first. Do this by inserting the installation CD into the CD ROM drive (if it does not autorun then start the installation by double clicking the .exe file on the CD ROM drive) 2. From the installer menu, select your preferred language; the welcome screen will pop up 3. Click NEXT to advance to the next pages until you reach the “Install Software” page to start the installation of the Device and Music Manager Software 4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation 5. As soon as the installation is completed, restart your computer and then hook up your SHOQBOX to the computer with the supplied USB cable 6. Plug you SHOQBOX into a wall outlet with the supplied AC adapter 7. An application will launch and the unit will be recognized as a USB Mass Storage device. It is automatically listed as REMOVABLE DISK in Windows Explorer. 8. Launch Musicmatch� Jukebox and use the software to transfer music to your SHOQBOX. For more information on transferring music go to the FAQ - “How do I download music to my SHOQBOX?” TIP: You may need to refresh Windows Explorer, in case the computer failed to detect your SHOQBOX for the first time. Click View > Refresh from the pull down menu bar.

The information on this page applies to the following models: PSS110/00 .

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