Micro Hi-Fi System

DAB radio, Compact design MCB204/05


How to activate NEWS of a RDS station on Philips Hi-Fi?

  1. In any active mode, press and hold RDS/NEWS (or NEWS) until NEWS is displayed. The system will scan the radio stations stored in the first five presets and wait for the News Program Type data to be available in any of these RDS stations. 2. When NEWS transmission is detected, the system will switch to Tuner mode. The current active mode remains uninterrupted. NEWS starts flashing. 3. If no RDS station is detected in the first five presets, the system will exit theNEWS function. NO RDS NEWS is displayed. 4. Press and hold RDS/NEWS (or NEWS) again or switch the system to tuner mode to cancel the NEWS function.

The information on this page applies to the following models: MCB204/05 .

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