Daily Collection Blender

450 W, 1.25-l Plastic jar, 4-star stainless steel blade HR2052/91


What should I do when the blade unit or the motor gets blocked during processing?

  • Check if you have removed the protection cover
  • Switch off the appliance and use a spatula to dislodge the ingredients that block the blade unit
  • We also recommend processing reduced amounts. Cut very hard ingredients into smaller pieces.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR2052/91 , HR2162/91 , HR2105/01 , HR2106/91 , HR2106/01 , HR1845/31 , HR2100/01 , HR7629/91 , HR7628/01 , HR7627/01 , HR7761/01 , HR7762/91 , HR2160/50 , HR7772/00 , HR2800/50 , HR7774/90 , HR2000/50 , HR7620/70 , HR7754/01 , HR7735/80 . more less

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