Daily Collection Blender

450 W, 1.25-l Plastic jar, 4-star stainless steel blade HR2052/91

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pour boiling hot liquids into the blender jar?

No, you must not pour very hot ingredients into the blender jar as it may damage the jar and its accessories.

If you want to pour ingredients, like boiled spinach for pureeing, into the jar, first let the ingredients cool down to a temperature of less than 80°C / 175°F to avoid damaging the appliance.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HR2052/91 , HR2162/91 , HR2105/01 , HR2106/91 , HR2106/01 , HR1604/91 , HR1604/01 , HR1605/01 , HR1600/01 , HR7629/91 , HR7628/01 , HR7627/01 , HR2100/01 , HR7761/01 , HR7762/91 , HR1610/00 , HR1615/91 , HR1615/01 , HR2160/50 , HR7772/00 , HR1341/00 , HR2800/50 , HR7774/90 , HR2000/50 , HR7620/70 , HR1361/00 , HR1363/00 , HR7754/01 , HR7735/80 . more less

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