• 8 Clever solutions for truly easy ironing


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    The ironing board plays an important role in the ironing experience. With the new Philips ironing board GC240/05, we've thought about every detail to make your ironing truly easy. The board includes 8 clever solutions that solve all ironing hassles. See all benefits


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8 Clever solutions for truly easy ironing

With unique ShoulderWing System

  • Smoother gliding with multi-layered board cover

    The board cover is made of 100% cotton and is supported by foam and felt layers. This combination provides a comfortable and smooth ironing surface.

  • Iron more in one go: XL board shape

    Iron more in one go with the Philips XL board shape (120 x 45 cm). It is also ideal for ironing big items such as bed linen and tablecloths.

  • Keep the cord out of the way: special cord holder

    Use the cord holder to keep the cord or the steam hose out of the way. The cord holder pole elevates the cord so that it does not touch the garment while ironing, eliminating new creases on the parts that have already ironed.

  • Hang garments after ironing: convenient hanging rail

    No need to look for a place around you to hang your freshly ironed shirts. You can hang garments immediately after ironing on the convenient hanging rail.

  • Keep your belongings close: unique storage basket

    You can use the storage basket to keep your belongings like mobile phone, TV remote control or ironing aids within reach during your ironing session.

  • Perfect combination with steam generators: XL iron tray

    The stable and extra-large iron tray is perfect for steam generators. It is also heat resistant and can be safely used with steam irons.

  • Designed for safety: child and transport lock

    Child and transport lock prevents the board from accidentally collapsing while ironing and also keeps the board closed during storage.

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