Universal remote control

    Universal remote control


    Stylish silver universal remote control that gives maximum functionality for most brands of TV, VCR, DVD, satellite receiver and cable set-top box. See all benefits


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Universal remote control

4-in-1 TV/DVD/SAT/AMP SRU740NC/05 Find similar products


  • 4-in-1 remote for your TV, STB, DVD and Receiver

    Replace a table full of remote controls with one unit that'll operate your TV, satellite receiver (or cable set-top box [STB]) DVD player/recorder and receiver (AMP), regardless of the brand or model.

  • Ready for use with Philips equipment

    If you have Philips equipment, you can use your universal remote control without programming it because all keys are pre-set for Philips.

  • Ultra-flat design matching flat home entertainment devices

    A remote with ultra-flat design is slimmer than a standard remote. This is made possible by replacing the standard batteries by coin cell batteries (the size of a coin) that take up less space.

  • Dedicated keys for moving around menus

    Dedicated keys to move easily around your equipment's menus mean simple one finger operation without having to press shift or function shift keys

  • A light indicates current active device mode

    Small lights keep you informed about which device mode is currently active.

  • Low battery indication shows when to refresh batteries

    To promptly be aware when the batteries need to be recharged or replaced.

  • Automatically searches for your equipment brand

    Getting your new remote control working is simply a case of having your remote automatically search for the most suitable code for your equipment.

  • Batteries are included for unwrap-and-zap

    No extra batteries to buy, so you can use your new universal remote control straight out of the packaging!

  • For questions and assistance call our URC service line

    If you have a problem or question about your universal remote control, or there's a function key on your original remote control not covered by the extensive built-in code library, call the service line for a solution. It's available seven days a week.

  • URC support service via dedicated website

    Dedicated support service for your remote control whereby all codes for all brands are available via the Philips URC website.

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