4K Razor-Slim OLED TV powered by Android

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    4K Razor-Slim OLED TV powered by Android

    Razor Slim 4K UHD OLED Android TV

    The award-winning Philips 55 inch OLED TV now comes in 65 inch size. Step up your entertainment experience with its powerful P5 Processing Engine, delivering source perfection, sharpness, colour, contrast and motion. See all benefits


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OLED 8 series 4K Razor-Slim OLED TV powered by Android

164 cm (65"), 4100 Picture Performance Index, HDR perfect WCG 99%, P5 Perfect Picture Engine 65OLED873/12 Find similar products

Razor Slim 4K UHD OLED Android TV

with Ambilight 3-sided

  • Picture Perfection with Philips P5 Engine

    If you like streaming, you'll love the P5. This is the latest 5-in-1 Philips picture processing engine and it has been created to optimise sharpness, colour, contrast and motion. It even reduces flaws and optimises the picture to bring the best picture quality to your screen, no matter the source.

  • Ambilight. Take the emotion beyond the screen.

    Ambilight. Take the emotion beyond the screen.

    Expand your viewing experience with 3 sided Ambilight. Only Philips TV takes the emotion beyond the screen with ambient lighting that perfectly matches every scene. Watch your favourite film come to life with vibrant colours for a truly immersive visual feast.

  • OLED TV. True blacks, deep colours, superb contrast.

    OLED TV. True blacks, deep colours, superb contrast.

    Philips OLED is the next generation of TV technology, giving you the deepest blacks, enhanced colours and astonishing contrast that result in the purest, most lifelike images. Unlike conventional LED TVs, OLED doesn't need a backlight. Using organic self-emitting technology, each pixel is capable of completely switching off for zero light pass through-resulting in flawless light accuracy.

  • The ultimate in contrast, colour and sharpness with HDR Perfect

    The ultimate in contrast, colour and sharpness with HDR Perfect

    High Dynamic Range Perfect delivers a sensory experience that captures the original richness and liveliness of your content. Enjoy brighter highlights, ultimate contrast and vivid colours just like the director intended.

  • Certified UHD Premium. Action has never looked this real.

    Ultra HD Premium brings your HDR content to life. Enjoy a sharper, more detailed and more realistic picture with over a billion colours, giving you greater depth and incredible vibrancy.

  • Google Play store and Philips app gallery. More to love.

    Go beyond traditional TV programming with Google Play Store and Philips App Gallery. Experience endless movies, TV, music, apps and games online. More to love.

  • Dive deeper into the darkness with OLED TV Perfect Contrast

    Dive deeper into the darkness with OLED TV. Organic self-emitting pixels achieve the deepest levels of black because of their unique ability to completely switch off - no light is emitted or passes through the pixel. This brings a huge range of contrast to your screen, bringing shades and colours to life in a way that LED TV technology cannot match.

  • Hear every detail with DTS HD Premium Sound

    DTS HD Premium Suite delivers high-end audio processing for better sound from your speakers. Preserving the purity of the original content, you'll enjoy immersive sound, deep bass and crystal clear dialogue without any fluctuations, clipping or distortion.

  • Philips Triple Ring technology for enhanced powerful sound

    With enhanced Philips Triple Ring technology, we have an even more powerful speaker movement in our subwoofers. More movement means more punch - so you will enjoy powerful sound even in our thin Philips TV design.

See all Specifications
  • EPG and actual visibility (up to 8 days) is country- and operator-dependent.
  • Android App offerings vary per country. For more details please visit your local Google Play Store.
  • Energy consumption in kWh per year based on the power consumption of the television operating 4 hours per day for 365 days. The actual energy consumption will depend on how the television is used.
  • The TV supports DVB reception for 'Free to air' broadcast. Specific DVB operators may not be supported. An up to date list can be found in the FAQ section of the Philips support website. For some operators Conditional Access and subscription are required. Contact your operator for more information.
  • Philips TV Remote app and related functionalities vary per TV model, operator and country, as well as smart device model and OS. For more details please visit: www.philips.com/TVRemoteapp.
  • Smart TV app availability varies per TV model and country. For more details please visit: www.philips.com/smarttv.
  • USB recording for digital channels only, recordings may be limited by broadcast copy protection (CI+). Country and channel restrictions may apply.
  • This television contains lead only in certain parts or components where no technology alternatives exist in accordance with existing exemption clauses under the RoHS Directive.
  • Its functionality is subject to ChromeCast built-in apps and smart devices. For more details, please visit ChromeCast built-in product pages.

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