Philips Avent

    Digital baby thermometer set

    Gentle and accurate

    Helping you to get a measurement of your baby's temperature, without upsetting your baby. The soother thermometer SCH540/00 uses the same shield and teat as the Avent Freeflow soother for easy transition from soother to temperature measurement.


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Gentle and accurate

Combining a digital and a soother baby thermometer

  • Battery low indicator

    Battery low indicator
  • Includes Avent Freeflow Soother

    Lets your baby get used to the shape.

  • Choice to adapt temperature measurement method to suit baby

    The Philips Avent thermometer accurately and conveniently measures your baby's body temperature orally, axially and rectally.

  • Specially designed soother thermometer

    Enables easy transition from soother to temperature measurement.

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