Digital Wireless Headphone

    Digital Wireless Headphone

    Your personal Digital Surround Sound

    The superb HD1500U gives you the convenience of a wireless headphone with the reliability and quality of digital audio. Enjoy a choice of three multichannel Dolby TM headphone modes without disturbing the people around you.


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Your personal Digital Surround Sound

Enjoy movies and music

  • 50mm speaker driver for sound without audible distortion

    The 50 mm speaker driver combines the sensitivity of composite Mylar material with the power of neodymium for the magnetic circuit to deliver powerful, distortion-free sound.

  • A choice of 3 different Dolby Headphone listening rooms

    Dolby Headphone technology gives you the sound of a five-speaker surround playback system through any pair of headphones. It accurately models the surround sound listening experience of a properly set up and calibrated 5.1-channel speaker system, making it ideal for personal and portable surround listening.

  • Treble and bass boost let you optimise the sound

    Enjoy the most natural sound reproduction for your choice of music by boosting the treble and bass.

  • Dynamic Bit Allocation allows you to hear more detail

    This patented Philips technology ensures the digital audio is processed to give you fantastically detailed reproduction.

  • Digital audio and transmission for ultimate quality

    The audio signal is digital from the transmission link right up to the headphone, ensuring top quality and excellent resistance to interference.

  • Digital Wireless Transmission for the highest quality audio

    Digital wireless transmission not only ensures more consistent reception and better quality audio than analogue FM transmission systems, it also uses less power. And thanks to patented Philips technology, the audio remains in perfect sync with video when walking around.

  • Ergonomic cushions improve wearing comfort and bass

    The ergonomic earcushion shape and luxurious materials ensure a more comfortable fit and better bass performance thanks to reduced audio leakage.

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