Allura Xper X-ray System

Allura Xper FD20/20

X-ray System

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Philips Allura Xper FD20/20 biplane neuro X-ray system offers excellent insight for challenging diagnostic examinations and neurovascular interventions. It features two large flat detectors with Philips 2k imaging and advanced interventional tools to give you a clear view of vessel morphology.

Full access stand || KBA1
Full access stand

Full access stand

The compact floor mounted C-arm provides excellent patient accessibility. The fully motorized C-arm can be positioned at the head end and at both sides of the patient table. Xper Access lets you switch the frontal detector from portrait to landscape position. Philips unique ceiling mounted, double C-arc can be independently rotated and angulated to provide full caudal and cranial angulations for all RAO projections. The compact flat detectors and design of the ceiling mount create maximum floor space and unprecedented access for the interventional team.
BodyGuard patient protection || KBA1
BodyGuard patient protection

BodyGuard patient protection

Philips exclusive BodyGuard patient protection mechanism enables the use of high rotation and angulation speeds in the frontal stand. It uses capacitive sensing to determine the location of the patient or other objects and prevent collision, while allowing stand positioning at speeds of up to 25° per second.
Rotational Scan || KBA1
Rotational Scan

Rotational Scan

Rotational Scan is an acquisition protocol that acquires a range of projections with just one contrast injection. It is used to create real-time, 3D impressions of complex vasculature and coronary arteries to reduce time, X-ray dose and contrast medium. The wide rotation range provides a complete evaluation of the anatomy. The stand’s excellent stability enables precise positioning and high reproducibility, resulting in high quality images. Rotational scan can rotate in several planes.
Biplane neuro X-ray system offers enh... || KBA1

Biplane neuro X-ray system offers enhanced guidance support

Dynamic 3D roadmap and XperGuide give you Live 3D guidance capabilities that provide excellent clinical insight and enhanced navigation for tortuous vasculature. XperCT provides CT-like imaging in the neuro suite that enables clinicians to assess soft tissue, bone structure and other body structures before, during or after an interventional procedure. All controlled tableside on the biplane neuro X-ray system.
Perform neurovascular interventions w... || KBA1

Perform neurovascular interventions with complete confidence and control

The biplane neuro X-ray system features two large flat detectors, each with a complete 2k virtually distortion-free imaging chain. It redefines image clarity and captures information at a resolution four times greater than conventional X-ray systems to support confident decision making. Physicians can work swiftly and surely with the intuitive and ergonomically designed Philips Xper User Interface. Philips Xper lets each user personalize their settings for specific neurovascular, vascular and neuro interventions.
MRC X-Ray Tube || KBA1

MRC X-Ray Tube

The Allura Xper FD20/20 is equipped with the powerful MRC-GS X-ray tube in each plane. It allows very high heat dissipation, which minimizes waiting times and enables SpectraBeam filtration to reduce the patient X-ray dose. Grid-switched pulsed fluoroscopy enhances image sharpness and eliminates soft radiation from trail effect.
SpectraBeam: selectable copper beam f... || KBA1

SpectraBeam: selectable copper beam filtration

The combination of SpectraBeam with the MRC-GS 0508 tube allows increased X-ray output with better filtration of soft radiation. SpectraBeam offers filters of 200, 500 and 1000 microns thickness CU equivalent to provide a high level of radiation protection regardless of the projection or patient absorption. This reduces patient X-ray dose for cardiac and vascular applications, while maintaining the same image quality.
Philips Flat Detector technology || KBA1

Philips Flat Detector technology

Philips next generation dynamic Flat Detector provides excellent image quality at a low patient X-ray dose. The complete 2048 x 2048 imaging pipeline breaks new ground for interventional procedures with 2k imaging for vascular applications. The Allura imaging chain captures information at a resolution four times greater than conventional angiography systems.