XperGuide Live 3D needle guidance


Live 3D needle guidance

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Philips XperGuide offers live 3D image needle guidance, letting you bring percutaneous needle procedures into the interventional lab. It overlays live fluoroscopy and 3D soft tissue imaging data from previously-acquired CT or MR scans or Philips XperCT, providing information on the needle path and target.

Live guidance for confidence and cont... || KBA1

Live guidance for confidence and control

XperGuide shows progress of the needle in real-time based on a user-defined trajectory. The live fluoroscopy image is superimposed on soft tissue images, providing live 3D guidance and feedback on any deviations from the desired path. This 3D overlay image gives you control and confidence in guiding the needle along the correct path.
Visualization and needle path plannin... || KBA1

Visualization and needle path planning

You can plan needle paths in two ways – by drawing a virtual path or by defining entry and target locations on different XperCT, MR or CT slices. XperGuide automatically calculates the optimal gantry projections and parallax in the needle path visualization. It also supports multiple needle trajectories. All projections are instantly available and controlled at tableside. Moreover, XperGuide adapts in real-time to changes in C-arm angulation and rotation, field of view and source-image distance.

Support for wide range of procedures with real-time feedback

  • Supports procedures from biopsies and drainages to RF ablations
  • Real-time feedback on needle location during diagnosis, surgical planning and intervention
  • Offers ideal patient access at every step