EchoNavigator Fusing live X-ray and live echo


Fusing live X-ray and live echo

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Greater insight and confidence through SmartFusion technology. EchoNavigator automatically fuses live 3D TEE and live X-ray in real time so you can intuitively guide your device in the 3D space more quickly.

Live 3D TEE || Real-time fusion of live X-ray

Additional reference point through TEE cone

The TEE field of view (cone) is displayed as an outline to give you an additional reference point while working. 3D transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) imaging provides critical insights into soft tissue anatomy.
Automated markers give context and gu... || Simplified navigation and devi

Automated markers give context and guidance

Markers placed on the soft tissue structures within the echo image automatically appear on the X-ray for context and guidance.
Facilitates teamwork and communicatio... || Enhance communication in the l

Smooth workflow

Transparent communication and understanding are necessary between the echocardiographer and the interventionalist or surgeon to ensure agreement on how to proceed. By automatically fusing echo and X-ray images, EchoNavigator speeds up this process and enhances teamwork.
Intuitive link and automatic orientat... || Real-time fusion of live X-ray

Always the same orientation and perspective

The TEE transducer position and orientation are automatically tracked in the X-ray image, allowing the echo and the X-ray image to move in sync when the C-arm is repositioned.
Three useful perspectives || Simplified navigation and devi

Three perspectives for enhanced vizualisation of situation

Up to three different echo views of anatomical structures can be shown simultaneously to enhance vizualisation of soft tissue anatomy and the device location.
Quick zoom and hanging views || Simplified navigation and devi

Conveniently change views from tableside

Changing views of the anatomical structures in the echo data can be carried out from tableside for your convenience.