Enhancing the staff work

Enhancing the staff work environment

Enhancing the staff work environment

Improving staff satisfaction

Methods to improve staff satisfaction by reducing patient stress

Philips Ambient Experience offers a unique way to shape and personalize the care environment to address the emotional needs of patients and staff. Anxious patients who are calmed by active relaxation techniques contribute to a smooth completion of examinations. When exams conclude quickly and successfully, staff satisfaction and efficiency improves.

Facing the challenges

The consequences of an uneasy patient1:

Patients who feel comfortable and secure are less likely to engage in behaviors that compromise the quality of their imaging study.2

Decrease in image quality
Decrease in image quality
Increase in time

In a busy clinical environment, be it oncology, cardiology, radiology, emergency department, or other – non-compliant patients complicate and slow the process. When patients struggle to relax, staff struggle to perform optimally.

An immersive solution with quantifiable results

Ambient Experience integrates dynamic lighting, sound, and video to create an engaging environment that eases patient stress. Imaging suites and other care environments are also designed to positively impact staff workflow and productivity. Unnecessary physical barriers are eliminated for better patient and staff interaction. Minimalistic lines, rounded corners, recessed storage cabinets, and flush surfaces help keep the room clutter-free.

Pair a calm patient with an open, clutter-free room and you’ve got an atmosphere of success.

University hospital first
University Aalborg

Quantifying staff satisfaction

Philips developed an Ambient Experience environment for Aalborg University Hospital’s emergency department. A year later, an evaluation study was conducted with 65 staff members to determine their impression of the new room. The team was impressed at the extent to which the new room positively impacted their work experience.

The results* of Aalborg University Hospital consulting engagement include:

  • More than 82% of staff prefer the new room over the old one
  • 96% of staff feel that the physical aspects of their workplace positively affect their experiences while working
  • More than 90% of the staff indicate that they can give patients a better experience in the new room
  • More than 88% of the staff feels that patients are calmer in the new ED room
  • 77% of the staff find that patients are more willing to cooperate in the new room

Our workflow has definitely improved… Having Ambient Experience has definitely impacted our procedural efficiency. Our exam times are significantly shorter, and retakes much fewer.”

Carlos Avila, Clinical Specialist

Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, Miami FL

The staff experience - case studies

New exam experience supporting staff satisfaction at Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute

Creating a calming environment for Chiba University Hospital

Staff satisfaction improved at Aalborg University Hospital

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Foster better communications

A softer, more welcoming care environment encourages positive communication between staff and patients. Clinicians can take advantage of the versatility of Ambient Experience by setting a variety of parameters that transform the room. Audio, video, and lighting can be set to the clinician’s preference, procedure step or selected by the patient. In this manner, a dialogue is opened that benefits both. The patient is engaged and the procedure continues smoothly.

  • Increased working comfort
  • More patient contact

  • Enhanced job effectiveness
  • Increased workflow efficiency 

  • Improved ergonomics 
  • Improved experience and satisfaction

Fear of anxiety pdf

The cost of fear and anxiety in radiology:

What you can do about it.

Radiology departments are encountering many patients who feel fearful and anxious, which can disrupt the diagnostic imaging process. Medical staff may also experience increased anxiety and unknowingly transfer those feelings to patients. It’s therefore more important than ever to offer a better patient experience to improve first-time-right imaging and reduce operational costs.

Success by the numbers

Ambient Experience is in use at more than 2,500 institutions around the world.
A 2020 survey of the installed base revealed the following3.

Graph icon 2500
Infographic staats

Ambient Experience

Enhancing the patient experience can help improve efficiency as well as patient and staff satisfaction.

Patient experience

By focusing on the patient experience, staff satisfaction and quality of care can be enhanced. Cooperation and compliance can be improved.

1Realizing productivity gains in MRI. Focusing more on the patient can boost the efficiency of MRI procedures. Survey commissioned by Philips and carried out by suAzio Consulting. 2017

2Doyle C, Lennox L, Bell D. A systematic review of evidence on the links between patient experience and clinical safety and effectiveness. BMJ Open. 2013;3:e001570. doi: 10.1136/ bmjopen-2012-001570 

3Ambient Experience installed base study 2020

* Results are specific to the institution where they were obtained and may not reflect the results achievable at other institutions

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