Patient and staff satisfaction significantly improved with comforting ED suite


Aalborg University Hospital is the largest hospital in the North Denmark Region. It provides highly specialized regional functions for about 640,000 people and regional functions for about 490,000 people.


The hospital’s emergency department (ED) treats patients of all ages with a variety of injuries. It recently focused on improving patient experience in the blue track of the ED which handles patients with minor injuries, like simple fractures and small cuts.


The old ED room


Aalborg and Philips consultants worked to create a new concept for an ED suite that would reduce the stress experienced by young patients, in particular, and their family. Other key targets were reducing waiting times and improving patient and staff satisfaction


The Philips team created a unique and immersive new concept for a pilot suite in the ED using Philips Healthcare Experience Solutions. The comforting ED suite that was implemented aims to improve the patient experience and workflow for clinical staff. Most staff feel they can give patients a better experience and that patients are calmer in the new ED room. The majority of patients surveyed feel a high degree of safety and satisfaction in the new ED room compared to the old ED rooms.

It is cozy and de-stressing. Patients seem calmer and can more easily be distracted in this room.”

ED Staff member

Our approach


Philips healthcare consulting experts work closely with key stakeholders to understand the clinical, functional and emotional needs of a patient population. Design thinking in healthcare is then applied to transform the patient experience.


The new design concept: Different themes are displayed in front of the patient in the comforting ED suite to distract them when waiting.

At Aalborg University Hospital, the comforting ED suite incorporates innovative elements for improving patient experience and enhancing the clinical process:


  • Room preparation: The nurse can select the working light theme which provides excellent illumination to prepare the room.
  • First impression: When patients and family enter they see an uncluttered room with elements that create a feeling of familiarity and focal points to look at
  • Active waiting: People can choose different lighting and visualization themes to distract them when waiting
  • Exam preparation: The patient is informed about the upcoming procedure to establish trust, which may improve cooperation
  • Examination and treatment: The patient can choose a theme with visuals and music to be displayed on the wall before them for distraction, while a working light can be used in the examination area



Staff and patients were surveyed to gather feedback on the new ED room compared to other rooms in the blue track. The staff survey reported that more than 90% of the staff indicate that they can give patients a better experience in the new room. The patient survey reported that 73% of the patients in the Ambient ED indicated to feel a high degree of satisfaction with the level of comfort, as compared to 33% of patients in the control rooms.


The new ED room

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