Science-based approach to imaging​

Designing a groundbreaking patient care experience

Improving the care experience with a science-based solution

Philips Ambient Experience integrates dynamic lighting, sound, and video to create an engaging environment designed to ease patient stress during the procedure and positively impact workflow and productivity. These solutions provide patients with active relaxation and positive distraction to ensure better patient compliance.

The Ambient Experience model is loosely based upon Barlow’s Model of Anxiety. This explains how an anxiety causing event can start a negative spiral in dysfunctional cognitive performance.

Philips scientists, designers, and architects developed these solutions to help suppress the physiological response to stress through creation of a soothing care environment. The intent is to instill confidence in the patient and staff that the experience will be a good one.


Barlows model of anxiety

Barlow’s Model of Anxiety

Causes of patient stress:

  • Unfamiliar environment 
  • Fear of equipment, needles, etc. 
  • Worry about the outcome
  • Lack of control

Leads to negative feelings:

  • Shift in patient focus 
  • Fidgeting and difficulty remaining still
  • Magnifying negative elements
  • Decreased ability to comply with instructions
  • Fight/flight mechanism


  • Remove negative elements
  • Introduce positive elements for distraction
  • Inform and educate
  • Empower with feeling of control


  • Reduced patient stress
  • Improved patient cooperation
  • Improved patient experience and satisfaction
  • Improved staff experience
  • Enhanced reputation

Our customers confirm that Ambient Experience helps them improve the patient experience, reducing the patient’s anxiety and thereby increasing first-time-right imaging.”

Werner Satter

General Manager of Healthcare Environment and Experience Design at Philips

Ambient Experience is founded on these design principles:

Comfort – create an environment that contributes to the ease and well-being of patients, families, and clinical personnel

Personalization – give the patient a sense of control over their experience by allowing them to interact with their care environment

Workflow – remove disjointed, cluttered, and isolated work areas that adversely impact staff efficiency and satisfaction

Contact – maximize interaction between medical personnel and patients by decreasing physical barriers

What are the elements of an Ambient Experience solution?

Ambient Experience is a proven, fully scalable solution tailored to the individual institution’s unique requirements. However, there are a consistent set of core elements.

Active relaxation themes
Themes are an important feature of Ambient Experience, helping patients feel engaged and providing them with positive distraction and a feeling of control. Ambient Experience can access more than 9 hours of thematic content for different age groups, cultures, and personal tastes. The themes are developed to calm the patient and are based on Healing Art guidelines and experience research.

Dynamic lighting, sound, and video
A proprietary control system integrates dynamic lighting, sound, and video to provide both positive distraction for the patient and an opportunity to personalize an otherwise intimidating environment. The Ambient Experience theme or color selection and pre-set functionality are accessed with a touchscreen interface. Moreover, patients or staff can connect their own devices to the Ambient Experience system to comfort with personal audio and video.

Room design, site planning, and project management
Site-specific recommendations are provided to optimize the clinical area regarding workflow and storage, including opportunities to reduce clutter for a more soothing environment. These recommendations are incorporated into the standard equipment site plans.

Hotspot mobile per le SHD (download .jpg)

1. Side wall projection

2. Rounded corners

3. Audio system

4. Ceiling lighting element ‘Halo’

5. Integrated coil cabinets

6. Dynamics LED spot lights 

7. Floor island

8. In-bore Connect

Hotspot mobile per le SHD (download .jpg)

1. Side wall projection

2. Rounded corners

3. Audio system

4. Ceiling lighting element ‘Halo’

5. Integrated coil cabinets

6. Dynamics LED spot lights

7. Floor island

8. In-bore Connect

Specific enhancements are available per modality, such as In-bore Connect for positive visual distraction during an MRI exam and automated breathhold support for MR exams. A Pediatric Coaching solution brings child-focused stress relief to the youngest patients.

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Applicable across clinical areas

Ambient Experience designs support radiology, cardiology, oncology, emergency departments, pediatric services, and a host of other areas, resulting in an improved patient and staff experience, and smooth operational and clinical processes. Validated templated room designs can help support specific procedures for different clinical areas, which are part of all our Ambient Experience solutions.

Ambient Experience for MRI

Ambient experience for mri

Ambient Experience for IGT

Ambient experience for igt

Ambient Experience for CT

Ambient experience for ct

Ambient Experience for Radiography

Ambient experience for radiography

Enhancing the patient experience across clinical applications

Clinical versatility allows broad effectiveness

From radiology settings to interventional cardiology and oncology suites – from preparation, procedure, and post-procedure environments to emergency departments, waiting rooms, and other patient/family areas – Ambient Experience brings open, stress-free surroundings to support patient comfort and clinician satisfaction

Success by the numbers

As proof of this success, Ambient Experience is in use at more than 2,500 institutions around the world. A 2020 survey of the installed base revealed the following1:

Graph icon 2500
Infographic stats

Patient experience


Enhancing the patient experience can help improve efficiency as well as patient and staff satisfaction.

Ambient Experience for pediatrics


Turning the imaging exam journey into a positive healthcare experience.

1Ambient Experience installed base study 2020

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