Expression MR400 Patient Monitor

Expression MR400

Patient Monitor

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Elevate your monitoring capabilities from MR-level to bedside-level.

Bedside thinking comes to MR || KBA 1

Bedside thinking comes to MR

In a perfect world there would be no difference between MR and bedside patient monitors. Expression MR400 takes a bold step toward that ideal with bedside-quality parameters – SINC (SpO2, IBP, NIBP, and CO2), alarm flags that redefine pre-emptive intelligence, 15” LED widescreen viewing with the familiarity of a bedside interface, and an exclusive combination of ECG advances from the patient to the waveform.
Make the most of the MR experience || KBA 1

Make the most of the MR experience

Expression MR400 provides flexibility in exam protocols, freedom of movement, and automated intelligence to support you. Monitor patients even when optimizing protocols up to 4W/kg SAR and 7.2µT B1rms. Improve care and create a comfortable work environment by reducing restrictions that normally accompany monitor placement relative to the patient and magnet.
New opportunities, new rewards || KBA 1

New opportunities, new rewards

Expression MR400 can put you in touch with the MR procedures that potentially gets patients home sooner. Expect high-quality monitoring of anesthetic agents and body temperature, advanced cardiac architecture for superior ECG signal and wireless gating, and positioning flexibility during functional MR procedures.


  • 15" (39. cm) Integral LED widescreen
  • Touch screen
MR compatibility
  • 5,000 Gauss
  • 7.2 uT B1 rms
  • 4W/Kg SAR
  • 3T
  • Wireless ECG
  • Wireless SpO2
  • NIBP
  • CO2
  • IBP
  • Temperature
  • Agents
Featured Parameters
  • Wireless ECG 3.0
  • Bedside - SINC - parameters
  • Alarm flags
  • Advanced alarm
  • Multi priority technical and clinical
  • Extreme bradycardia
  • Extreme tachycardia
  • Apnea
  • Gauss detection
  • MAC values