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It’s not just streamlined radiology workflow.

It’s more time for what really matters.

Discover our portfolio of integrated workflow solutions

    Streamlining radiology workflows to make life easier throughout the department

    Efficiency is essential to radiology. It can lead to fast reporting of critical findings, minimize the need for rescans, improve image uniformity, provide clear action reports for the referrer and enhance the patient experience. Our portfolio of integrated workflow solutions supports you in connecting workflows across the imaging enterprise to help improve outcomes for patients and enhance the efficiency and work experience of radiologists, radiographers and administrators. Gaining time through workflow improvements means more time for you and your patients every day.

    Philips radiology workflow solutions

    Demonstrated results in radiology workflow


    reduction in patient no-shows1


    of MR exams able to run fully automated2


    of ultrasound patient consultations can be through tele-health3


    reduction in average reporting time4

    Perinatal Associates of New Mexico demonstrating results of using Philips tele ultrasound

    Enhancing patient care with Philips tele-ultrasound

    See how Perinatal Associates of New Mexico significantly enhanced its practice by seeing patients remotely in real time with tele‐ultrasound.

    Hear from your peers

    Clinician reviewing case assigned by Workflow Orchestrator

    Campus Bio-Medico University Hospital increased reading productivity by 50% with the allocation of the right exam to the right professional.4

    Radiologist who sees the benefits of working with a single integrated workspace

    Hospital Nuestra Señora del Rosario saved 1-2 minutes per patient through integrated workflow within a single workspace for radiologists.5

    Wye Valley Case Study

    Partnering with Wye Valley NHS Trust to increase diagnostic imaging capacity, improve productivity, support staff, and deliver high-quality patient experience.6

    Key capabilities to optimize your radiology workflow

    Explore our end-to-end vendor-neutral solutions that leverage AI7 to simplify and efficiently connect workflows across the imaging enterprise to help reduce variability and staff workload, increase productivity and enhance the patient experience.

    Infographic of the key capabilities

    Scheduling and preparation

    Inform, educate, engage and comfort patients throughout the care journey with personalized tools.

    Child using Pediatric coaching on a smart device to make preparing for an MR exam less stressful

    Pediatric Coaching

    Significantly enhance the MR imaging experience for young patients.

    Technologist preparing patient for an imaging exam in a calming immersive environment

    Ambient Experience


    Create a calming experience for patients to support first-time-right imaging.

    Image acquisition

    Promote efficiency and confidence in image acquisition with smart systems and smart workflows.

    Image and data interpretation

    AI-driven platforms for workflow orchestration, data access, advanced analysis, reporting and clinical collaboration.

    Reporting and results communication

    Integrated, AI-driven enterprise scalable platforms for smart reading and reporting.

    Clinician producing a rich radiology report of value to referring physicians

    Interactive Multimedia Reporting


    Improve radiology reports without adding workload.

    Patient actively participating in care by accessing health records with a laptop

    Patient Portal


    Encourage patients to actively participate in managing their own healthcare.

    Outcomes and follow-up care

    Tools and data insights for continuous performance improvement.

    Clinician viewing an on-screen report to bridge the gap between data and decision-making



    A real-time data platform to help improve productivity and reduce costs.

    Want to learn more about streamlining your radiology department’s workflow?

    Chief Technology Officer Director
    This Radiology Operations Command Center is a revolutionary capacity.... I love the fact that every time I see a connection, I know that I'm improving quality and consistency and the fundamental principle of ‘let's get the exam right the first time’.... This is really probably one of the most quality-focused, impactful tools that we've had.”

    Dr. Lawrence Tanenbaum

    Chief Technology Officer & Director of Advanced Imaging & VP, RadNet Inc., US

    Integrating radiology workflows accelerates your path to precision diagnosis.

    The Philips Radiology Workflow Suite brings together powerful workflow solutions to improve experiences and outcomes across the imaging enterprise to help you deliver the right care in the right sequence at the right time.

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