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De-risking complex decision making by simulating operational improvement scenarios in a digital environment 

Healthcare has never been more challenging. As healthcare systems become more complex, making the right decisions for better use of your current resources, staff and organization, is risky. Implementing change is a costly process.  


If you could see the effect of your decisions beforehand, you would have more confidence in transformation decisions.  


A digital twin can help de-risk your decisions by simulating changes in the staffing, equipment, patient flow, or configuration of your departments or hospitals – all in a virtual environment.   


Our objective is to combine analytics, digital twin technology, and healthcare consulting expertise to help tackle complex decisions and prepare for what is coming next by asking ‘what if’ questions. 


Digital twin


A digital twin is a virtual model designed to accurately reflect a physical environment, and so enables the testing of scenarios.  

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A digital twin can be created of your hospital, hospital department, or hospital network, and it can simulate equipment, staffing, and patient flow scenarios, giving you the insights and tools to make the right decision in a risk-free manner without putting your organization, staff, and patients at risk.  


The digital twin of your health system can be used to virtually test limitless `what if' scenarios, evaluate initiatives, and optimize care pathways.

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Healthcare consulting 


Together with you, we create a model that accurately represents your current situation. We iterate on the model outputs with your staff to ensure that not only the model is accurate, but they also understand the model results and implications. Through this process, we bring everyone along on the journey of generating actionable insights from the digital twin.   


Let us help you make optimal decisions regarding your healthcare system. 

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Meet our people

Sudin kansakar

Sudin Kansakar
Modeling and Simulation Lead
Sudin’s experience includes over 12 years of successfully heading complex data-led healthcare transformation programs.  


Dimitri deschamps

Dimitri Deschamps
Digital Twin and Modeling Specialist  
Building digital twins since 2010, Dimitri has 12 years in healthcare and analytics consulting. 

Valerie pourquié

Valerie Pourquié
Modeling and Simulation Consultant
An expert in Python and data quality, Valerie is also well-versed in capacity calculations.  

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