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Philips is dedicated to improving lives through meaningful innovation. Our breast imaging solutions offer superb image quality and robust diagnostic tools, so you can offer your patients a definitive diagnosis.

Breast imaging systems

epiq 7


Our premium ultrasound system, EPIQ 7 offers breast imaging clinicians excellent image quality and sophisticated diagnostic tools such as sensitive strain elastography, to provide the clinical information you need for a confident diagnosis.
epiq 5


EPIQ 5 provides clinicians with powerful diagnosis tools, such as elastography, and excellent image quality, to make clinical decisions with confidence.

affiniti 63

Affiniti 70

The Affiniti 70 delivers the right balance of high quality imaging and proven clinical applications in an ergonomically designed system.
affiniti 53

Affiniti 50

The Affiniti 50 offers high quality imaging, proven diagnostic tools, small footprint and elegant design lets you work confidently and efficiently.


The Philips CX5O combines premium technologies with a compact portable design. Featuring critical study capabilities, the CX50 offers the diagnostic detail you need, where you need it.
qlab breast imaging


Philips QLAB provides automated and objective methods for quantifying ultrasound data.

Every year, approximately 1.4 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer. The cure lies in innovation.

Ground-breaking research and technological development can change the world when it comes to early diagnoses, treatment and prevention*.

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As a leader in diagnostic solutions for breast care, Philips offers advanced imaging for mammography, ultrasound, MR, and PET/CT, supported by leading-edge information management.

When mammography Indicates a need for further testing, our portfolio of breast ultrasound imaging solutions is up to the task. Phillips understands that breast cancer presents differently in different women. New studies and guidelines suggest a multimodality approach for comprehensive screening, diagnosis and management.

Using the breast care cycle as our lens, our solutions solve challenges that patients and clinicians tell us they encounter every day. By looking at each stage of care and the transitions between them. Philips gains a deeper understanding of the progression of women's conditions and opens up real opportunities to improve care, reduce costs and, at our collective best, save lives.

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