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The ultimate ultrasound solution for paediatric assessment

Pediatric care overview

Paediatric care is evolving. Because advances in paediatric medicine are helping children overcome once-fatal conditions, clinicians are able to shift their focus from just diagnosing acute cases to continuously treating chronic paediatric diseases and managing a variety of complex cases.


The Philips ultimate ultrasound solution for paediatric assessment is customized to provide quick and confident, yet gentle imaging tailored to the specific needs of children, elevating their care as never before.

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Creating the ultimate paediatric solution: Our collaboration with Phoenix Children’s Hospital


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In many cases we can use diagnostic ultrasound to make the diagnosis that helps support critical clinical decisions without having to move on to other, invasive imaging modalities"

Jeffrey Miller, MD, Chief of Radiology

Paediatric Neuroradiologist, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Phoenix AZ

Transducers optimized for paediatric imaging

PureWave Imaging

PureWave Imaging

The world's first family of premium PureWave transducers optimized for paediatric imaging, including the new mC12-3; shown to provide an additional 30% improvement in penetration when compared to the previous generation of paediatric transducers.*

Neonatal head

Neonatal head using the mC12-3 transducer

Transverse liver

Transverse liver with ascites using the mC12-3 transducer

Diagnose and stage liver fibrosis

ElastQ Imaging

ElastQ Imaging

ElastQ Imaging provides real-time large field of view assessment of tissue stiffness, which is idea for the paediatric patient who may be challenging to image.

ElastQ Imaging shear
Wave elastography

ElastQ Imaging shear wave elastography for paediatric liver assessment

Gain new insights into small vessels

MicroFlow HD

MicroFlow HD

MicroFlow Imaging (MFI) maintains high frame rate and 2D image quality while applying advanced artifact reduction techniques. Now MFI HD more than doubles the sensitivity and resolution of standard MFI** - ideal for definitive analysis of blood flow throughout many paediatric clinical applications.

Neonatal brain
Linear array transducer

Neonatal brain using the eL18-4 linear array transducer and MFI HD

Contrast enhancement for paediatric applications

Constrast Imaging

Contrast Imaging

Ultrasound contrast agents are transforming the role of paediatric ultrasound in the liver and other organs. With paediatric contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS), clinicians can now study enhancement patterns of suspicious liver lesions in real time for faster and more confident diagnoses and treatment planning.

CEUS of liver

CEUS of liver lesion using the eL18-transducer

Contrast VCUG of left kidney

mC12-3 contrast VCUG of left kidney showing grade III reflux

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*Internal measured comparison on calibrated tissue phantom between mC12-3 and C8-5 transducers on EPIQ Elite ultrasound system.

**Internal measured comparison on standard MFI to EFI HDD using clinical targets and standard measurement methodology.

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