IntelliSpace Critical Care and Anesthesia Critical care information system

IntelliSpace Critical Care and Anesthesia

Critical care information system

With ever-rising healthcare costs, staff shortages, and a need for compliance with evolving national care standards, leveraging clinical information has become a key component to drive improvements in quality of care. Interoperable with most EMRs with HL7 capabilities, IntelliSpace Critical Care and anesthesia (ICCA) helps by providing advanced clinical decision support software and structured documentation and analysis tools across the care continuum.

Enhances patient care || 1

Enhances patient care

ICCA centralizes and organizes patient data, including admission documents, vital signs, labs, and consult notes — to put the clinical information that you need front and center. Through embedded clinical decision support, ICCA transforms patient data into actionable information helping you enhancing the quality of patient care.
Transforms clinical data into actiona... || 1

Transforms clinical data into actionable information for increased diagnostic confidence

Access to comprehensive patient information is vital in the clinical decision-making process. ICCA’s critical care support tools help you make informed decisions, identify and highlight adverse events.
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Provides for standardized, structured documentation across units

The Care Continuum feature allows the easy flow of information from the ICU flowsheet to the anesthesia record, and vice versa. Patients who receive care in both the OR and the ICU benefit from a constant, ongoing record of care, focusing on intake sites, output sites, fluid totals, and key intake therapies
Improve financial outcomes || 1

Improve financial outcomes

For Timely, appropriate reimbursement, diagnoses and procedures can be entered either in free text – by selecting from standard coding catalogues – or from easily integrated house catalogues. An embedded search engine and hit lists make it easy to find the codes you need quickly.
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Leverages enhanced interfaces to expand clinical capabilities

ICCA works with other documentation systems and features interoperability that supports patient documentation throughout the care continuum. ICCA can run on your existing IT infrastructure, saving costs and decreasing maintenance concerns. We support IHE standards and work with other documentation systems to support patient documentation throughout the care continuum.
Customers discuss ICCA’s clinical documentation benefits.

Actionable information – when and where you need it. 


IntelliSpace Critical Care and Anesthesia (ICCA) is an advanced clinical decision support and documentation solution that helps you deliver quality care.


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ICCA key features & benefits:

Customer testimonials:

‘Philips has been a great partner for us. We are very happy with the way things have been dealt with and we are delighted with the ICCA system. The continuity of care is enhanced. It’s a great innovation and I am pleased that we are now using 21st-century technology. We would recommend it to anyone’.  


Dr Nayyar Naqvi, Consultant Cardiologist, Royal Albert Edward Infirmary , Wrightington Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust, UK

‘With ICCA, we can move patients through faster. Anesthesia forms are completed on ICCA in the anesthesia clinic and clinicians have immediate access to the patient’s full details in the operating room, enabling them to prepare for any problems such as difficult airways’.


Dr. Klaus Schulz, Head of the anesthesia Department, Asklepios Paulinen Klinik Hospital, Germany

IntelliSpace Critical Care and anesthesia provides critical care documentation and clinical decision support.

ICCA for critical care


Massive amounts of valuable data are generated in the critical care environment. Yet integrating and analyzing that data is tedious and time-consuming – and time is in short supply. IntelliSpace Critical Care and Anesthesia (ICCA) transforms clinical data into actionable information, provides standardized clinical documentation, works with other hospital documentation systems, and gives you control over you critical care documentation.


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Enhanced Care for your acute patients

You can see a patient status overview on one page, a 24-hour view or break down per hour and it’s easy to find documents. There is less paperwork and more time for care.’


Petro Bekker, clinical lead, Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust, U.K.

Anaesthesiologist using ICCA clinical information system during surgery.

ICCA for anesthesia


Today’s anesthesia patients have specific needs before, during and after surgery, and you need detailed information at each stage of the process to meet those needs. From populating preoperative patient information to presenting actionable information during procedures to generating a comprehensive anesthesia record postoperatively, ICCA is a perioperative solution that provides high density data management so you can use your time wisely and focus on what matters most.


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Addressing the challenges of anesthesia

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Delivering high quality critical care to your patients with limited staff and financial resources demands new approaches and thinking in today's complex healthcare environment.


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