RightFit Service Agreements A service portfolio designed around you

RightFit Service Agreements

A service portfolio designed around you

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We offer a range of service agreements to meet your priorities and technologies. To give you flexibility, Philips provides you with a choice of service support based on your specific requirements, with service handled on-site or remotely.

RightFit Uptime for exceptional perfo... || KBA 1

RightFit Uptime for exceptional performance

Our approach to value begins with the only Philips service agreement with a 99% uptime guarantee. You get extended coverage, seven days a week*, expedited parts delivery, and priority access to our regional parts depots.*
RightFit Protection delivers robust s... || KBA 1

RightFit Protection delivers robust security

Experience comfort and peace of mind with Philips RightFit Service Agreement Protection, the perfect way to keep your systems securely operational. This robust plan includes a 98% uptime guarantee and strategic parts coverage to protect your systems most at-risk parts.*
RightFit Primary the flexible advant... || KBA 1

RightFit Primary the flexible advantage

Tailor your service coverage to meet your business requirements with Philips RightFit Service Agreement Primary. It offers 98% uptime guarantee, on-site response, and parts delivery to provide dependable performance.*
RightFit Value provides basic care || KBA 1

RightFit Value provides basic care

When you want to stretch your service budget, the ideal choice is Philips RightFit Service Agreement Value. This basic plan is an economical offering designed to help control your costs. It provides full parts coverage to preserve equipment quality and performance.*
RightFit Support the cooperative rel... || KBA 1

RightFit Support the cooperative relationship

Philips is committed to supporting your in-house biomedical engineers with Philips RightFit Service Agreement Support. We’ll give them secure access to OEM parts and technical expertise and unlimited second-response labor. Full coverage for critical parts is provided.
RightFit Assist offers core reinforc... || KBA 1

RightFit Assist offers core reinforcement

With Philips RightFit Service Agreement Assist, we can create a customised service agreement that meets the specific needs of your facility. It provides strategic parts, labor, or a combination of both parts & labor pools to reduce expenses. Parts pools are available for multiple systems.
RightFit Select the right balance || KBA 1

RightFit Select the right balance

When you need to balance service support and your budget, Philips RightFit Service Agreement Select offers quality equipment support according to OEM standards, delivered with the experience and expertise of our field service network. You get uptime coverage and a quick response at a moderate cost to meet your budget needs. It includes added system protection with flexible parts, labor, and travel coverage options.
RightFit Evolution for predictable co... || KBA 1

RightFit Evolution for predictable costs

RightFit Evolution provides state-of-the-art software developments and support to your Philips patient monitoring solution. Our RightFit Evolution agreements are driven by your requirement for functionality, standardization, compatibility, and safety at prearranged costs.
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Count on us as your patients count on you

At Philips, we work as one with your teams. We share their dedication to solve issues before they happen, and their drive to keep going day and night until the job is done.
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By teaming up with us to care of your systems you can worry about what really matters - delivering better care, to more people, at lower cost. Together, we can create a healthier future.

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Our comprehensive RightFit Service Agreements can be tailored to your business challenges.

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With our proactive remote monitoring and services we make sure your systems are always on and ready.

"We needed a strategic partner who takes care of our equipment completely. The comprehensive agreement with Philips offers us an economy of scale and reduces the risk of equipment downtime."


Dr. Ahmet Arslantaş, Medical Director, OFM Antalya Hospital

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Built in flexibility rightfit service agreement

"System performance is critical to us. From minor advice to major technical issues, having our Philips Customer Service Agreement** is essential in guaranteeing the uptime we need."

Dr. Jonathan Hack, Radiologist

  • *Requires minimum Right Fit contract. Conditions apply. Offerings are available in selected countries and for selected products only.