Touch screen module pro Intuitive touch screen controle module at table side

Touch screen module pro

Intuitive touch screen controle module at table side

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Imaging parameters can be just as quickly and easily adjusted at tableside without leaving the sterile field with the touch screen module pro. You can collimate with a fingertip and zoom X-ray and roadmap images to support easy navigation. Use a large pointer visible in exam and control room to make communication clear-cut.

Promotes effective teamwork || 1

Promotes effective teamwork

To promote effective teamwork, one person can view the live image on the FlexSpot in the control room and another can view it on the touch screen module Pro in the exam room. You can easily adjust all X-ray settings, collimate on the clinical image and select images for review and post-processing - all with tablet-like ease. Store and recall of system positions is just as simple.
Clear-cut communication || 1

Clear-cut communication

A large mouse pointer can be made visible on your live image in the exam and control room to make communication clear-cut. When larger teams are present in the exam room this aids communication so they can focus on the procedure.
Enhanced detail visibility || 1

Enhanced detail visibility

To support easy navigation, simply zoom the X-ray and/or roadmap image with your fingers and it is zoomed by 200%. With the Dual Fluoro option, the zoomed image will remain on screen during the procedure.
Bright visual cues || 1

Bright visual cues

The new user interface on the touch screen module Pro, with its distinctive black background, makes it easier to see the information you need. Active applications and steps are highlighted to provide extra user guidance.
Flexible placement || 1

Flexible placement

The touch screen module Pro can be located table side, at the end of the table for technologists or in the control room to fit different types of procedures and ways or working. Up to three touch screen modules can be integrated into a single system.
Third party integration || 1

Third party integration

Other applications can be integrated with the touch screen module to improve efficiency and reduce delays. You can view and control applications from Philips and other connected applications, as well as interventional tools and analysis applications.

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