IntelliVue MX500/MX550 Mounting solution

IntelliVue MX500/MX550 GCX Pedestal and Horizontal Channel Mount

Mounting solution

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Learn more about additional options available to mount the IntelliVue MX400/MX450/MX500/MX550 patient monitoring system.

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IntelliVue MX400/MX450/MX500/MX550: Pedestal (Duckfoot) Mount

GCX Part: AG-0018-36 kit includes: Desktop pedestal mount for all MX400/MX450/MX500/MX550 components.
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IntelliVue MX400/MX450/MX500/MX550: Horizontal Channel Mount

GCX Part: AG-0018-38 kit includes: Allows mounting to a counter top (bolt down) or to a horizontal GCX Channel.

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