BrightView - DS SPECT system

BrightView - DS

SPECT system

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BrightView SPECT features innovative technologies that let you get closer to patients for superb image resolution. This gives you exceptional image quality even for challenging studies – from infants to large patients.

CloseUp technologies || Provides superb resolution

CloseUp technologies get closer to patients

Philips exclusive CloseUp technologies enable increased resolution through smarter software, electronics, and minimal distance between detector and patient.
PinPoint technologies || Improves clinical efficiency a

PinPoint technologies accelerate quality control procedures

BrightView detectors with PinPoint technologies promote improved workflow with single-uniformity correction for multiple-energy imaging.
Compact siting || Lowers lifecycle costs

Compact siting reduces renovation costs

Surprisingly compact and easy to install, BrightView fits into a room as small as 15’ 6” x 12’ (4.72 x 366 M) with minimal shielding and no need to specially reinforce flooring in most cases.
Wide open gantry || Improves clinical efficiency a

Wide open gantry enhances patient throughput & comfort

Our wide open gantry can support a wide range of patient sizes, so that one size fits virtually any patient. The clever design of the patient zone creates a comfortable environment for all patients, regardless of size.
Remote Services || Lowers lifecycle costs

Remote Services to increase your investment

Philips Customer Care centers can pro-actively monitor the performance of your system to pre-empt possible problems, and can even guide you towards better workflow management, all remotely.
Astonish reconstruction || Provides exceptional image qua

Astonish reconstruction improves image quality and workflow

The system delivers high resolution through Astonish SPECT reconstruction technologies. This is achieved using a proprietary resolution recovery algorithm.
Advanced robotics || Improves clinical efficiency a

Advanced robotics simplify procedures

Fast and easy to use, advanced robotics enable automatic set-up of acquisition parameters, gantry, detectors, and patient table to streamline workflow.
BodyGuard || Delivers exceptional clinical

BodyGuard for automatic contouring

BodyGuard automatic contouring elegantly moves detectors closer to patients, even when imaging infants or small regions of the body. This results in superb quality images.
Innovative system design || Provides superb resolution

Innovative system design improves image quality

The ultra-thin imaging pallet improves image quality. The innovative system design reduces cardiac dead space to further improve image quality in bone and cardiac studies.