EPIQ 7 Ultrasound system for breast imaging


Ultrasound system for breast imaging

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Featuring an uncompromised level of clinical performance to meet the challenges of today's most demanding breast imaging practices.

High frequency broadband imaging || KBA 1
High frequency broadband imaging

High frequency broadband imaging

Utilize frequencies up to 18 MHz for superb detail resolution and tissue definition of breast anatomy.
Advanced XRES || KBA 2
Advanced XRES

Advanced XRES

Adaptive imaging processing reduces speckle noise artifacts improves image clarity and margin definition allowing for better breast lesion conspicuity.
Tissue aberration correction || KBA 3
Tissue aberration correction

Tissue aberration correction

User selectable speed of sound compensation maintains exceptional sharpness on fatty breast tissue.
Volume Imaging || KBA 4
Volume Imaging

Volume Imaging

Freehand and automated volume imaging solutions allow visualization of multi-planar breast anatomy.
SonoCT || KBA 2


Real-time multiple line of sight imaging increases tissue information and improves display of curved and irregular structures while reducing many angle generated artifacts.
Elastography || KBA 3


Breast elastography is a highly sensitive method of tracking tissue deformation requiring virtually no external compression for reproducible strain imaging results. This is the verbiage from our elastography brochure 452296267041 Nov 2010
Query & Retrieve || KBA 4
Query & Retrieve

Query & Retrieve

This feature uses multimodality query retrieval to view DICOM images such as CT, NM, MR, mammography, and Ultrasound. It gives you the ability to easily compare past and current studies without the use of an external reading station. It also allows you to eview multimodality images while live imaging, capture and append to exam for reference.
Variable XRES || KBA 2
Variable XRES

Variable XRES

XRES speckle noise reduction feature allows the user to select progressive amounts of noise reduction, edge enhancement and textural smoothing.
WideScan || KBA 3


Extend the field of view to visualize a superb view of the anatomy.
Tissue Harmonics || KBA 2
Tissue Harmonics

Tissue Harmonics

Because both fundamental and harmonic frequencies provide important diagnostic information, THI provides superb images with fewer artifacts, particularly in cystic structures. Image contrast resolution is enhanced, and acoustic enhancement and shadowing are easily demonstrated.
Panoramic Imaging || KBA 3
Panoramic Imaging

Panoramic Imaging

Using panoramic imaging, you can capture the entire landscape in a single view. It’s easy to perform, and the extend view allows a global representation of breast architecture, large masses, and multiple cysts.

Breast imaging

Every year, approximately 1.4 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer. The cure lies in innovation. Ground-breaking research and technological development can change the world when it comes to early diagnoses, treatment and prevention*.

a breast exam performed by a philips epiq 7 ultrasound system
sonocine awbus

SonoCiné AWBUS

  • Standardizes the acquisition
  • Reduces or removes user variability
  • Optimizes the read
  • Cine makes cysts more visible
  • It is an accessory to your ultrasound system (not a replacement)
  • It is not an imposition on your practice
  • No dedicated room

    *Check for availability with your local sales representative.

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