What if you could achieve higher accuracy in surgical procedures, provide more effective treatments to your patients and drive efficiency for your staff?

Taking better care of your patients and staff means you can answer the rising complexity and pressure in the world of surgery. And with minimally invasive techniques, supported by advanced imaging, we are with you every step of the way. Philips is there to help OR teams achieve enhanced outcomes of image-guided surgeries.

Surgeon looking at monitor during surgery

Advancing surgical care, together

Picture, for a moment, what minimally invasive surgery could be like when you have the right solutions in place. More predictable patient recovery and the clear visualization that lets you see accurately to treat effectively. The efficiency and advanced visualization to make better use of your valuable operating resources. All of this could be possible, when we work together.

Featured Innovations

See our clinical areas in surgery

Orthopedic surgeon using touchscreen during surgery

Orthopaedic surgery

Perform orthopaedic cases with ease and confidence.

Vascular surgeons performing surgery with image guidance

Vascular surgery

Benefit from the focus provided by advanced image guidance.

Surgeons looking at monitor discussing how to proceed with spine surgery

Spine surgery

Perform spine surgery with the assurance of precision.

Interventional cardiologists performing surgery

Cardiac surgery

Get the guidance to support each step of your cardiac procedures.

Neurosurgeon performing surgery


Decide, guide, treat and confirm results with confidence.

Explore the multi-purpose Hybrid OR

One operating room for all your procedures

The multi-purpose hybrid OR brings all clinical areas together. Set up procedure based workflows and broaden lab utilization, with the Philips Azurion 7 M20 flexarm configuration. Benefit from reduced table repositioning, easy radial access, improved ergonomics and intelligent motion control so you can easily approach a patient during treatment.

Our solutions in surgery

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