Coronary artery disease - Treatment
Interventional cardiology procedure for coronary artery disease


Effective, efficient treatment in CAD

What if you could access more comprehensive clinical insights and increase confidence in treatment selection – all whilst reducing procedure time?

More complex patients are eligible for minimally invasive procedures

As more CAD patients are considered for minimally invasive interventional therapy, optimal treatment planning is hindered by the fact that 2D coronary angiography has limitations for detecting and assessing coronary stenosis. Data is not consistently and meaningfully connected pre- and intra-procedure, which adds time and complexity to treatment planning. We’ve designed our cardiology solutions to overcome these challenges so you can realise the benefits of clinical efficiency in the cath lab:

Clinician using Philips coronary roadmap for CAD intervention

Improved outcomes through more comprehensive and timely clinical insights

Advanced patient monitoring with Philips Intellivue

Optimal planning and procedure guidance with advanced technologies

Interventional cardiologists using Philips Intrasight

Minimised treatment time with integrated systems, devices and informatics

How our solutions work together

Image-guided therapy, iFR, IVUS and haemodynamic monitoring, as well as cardiac pre-procedure planning and advanced applications, are all connected to the image-guided therapy interface to allow viewing, manipulation and custom configuration on the monitor from a single controller at table side or from the control room.

CAD clinical efficiency treatment

Customer Services

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Remote Services & Connectivity

Aiming for zero downtime with predictive maintenance? Uninterrupted workflow? 24/7 proactive monitoring? Partner with Philips as a service provider.

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Operational Intelligence

We can take care of the operational management of your medical devices, support staff education and provide connected cybersecurity solutions, whilst you take care of your patients.

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Technology Maximizer

Technology Maximizer is a software and hardware refresh programme, which enables you to stay clinically advanced and maximise your imaging investment. Read how Philips supports the University of Aberdeen to stay at the forefront of the latest technology.

With timely access to comprehensive clinical insights, you can deliver optimised treatment plans and move each patient through treatment as efficiently as possible.

Discover how we help you realise your vision for better care in coronary artery disease.

Clinical efficiency across the care pathway

Our solutions for CAD support your needs from diagnosis through interventional treatment.

Clinical efficiency across the care pathway

Further Reading

Imaging cardiologist using Spectral CT for CAD diagnosis

Quick, confident diagnosis in coronary artery disease

What if you could streamline diagnosis with fast access to full diagnostic data and reduced exam time?

Interventional cardiologists looking at clinical images


Discover how Philips can support you in supporting better outcomes and improved efficiency in cardiac care by integrating imaging, devices, software, informatics and services.

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