FlexVision XL Flexible display screen

FlexVision XL

Flexible display screen

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FlexVision XL is an advanced viewing concept that gives you full flexibility and control over your viewing environment from table side. The large, high definition LCD screen allows you to display multiple high-definition images in a variety of layouts – each tailored for your specific procedure.

All you need in plain sight || 1

All you need in plain sight

The 58" FlexVision XL is a full-color, adaptable LCD display. View images from 8 video sources (Philips and third party systems) at the same time - in the size you want. Each image is arranged on screen to suit your personal preference and procedure. Up to 16 video sources in total can be supported.
See more detail || 1

See more detail

Use SuperZoom and XperHD to visualize excellent details of challenging anatomy. SuperZoom scales an image from 32% to as much as 420% with zero degradation in quality. XperHD high-definition viewing allows for sharp and crisp clinical images at full size. Distal vessels, tortuous vasculature, lesion morphology and more become clear for all team members.
Enjoy comfort and control || 1

Enjoy comfort and control

You can call up the most relevant information, place the screen in the ideal location near your imaging system, at the exact moment you need it, and at the best size for review, with just a touch of the touch screen module. Every critical image takes a dominant position immediately upon request, for effortless viewing.
Customize viewing layouts || 1

Customize viewing layouts

Choose from 24 different preset screen layouts for different procedures. Or create your own layout by procedure that fits your personal preferences. Select the sources, position and size to be displayed and call up your layout with a single click.