Azurion 3 with 15'' flat detector   With Azurion, performance and superior care become one

Azurion 3 with 15'' flat detector

With Azurion, performance and superior care become one

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Experience the power to innovate your interventional vascular services with the Azurion 3 with 15'' flat detector. Your interventional teams benefit from superb consistency and efficiency as they perform diverse neuro, endovascular, oncology and cardiac procedures. Take the next step in improving care and managing costs.

Save time || Azurion 3 with 15'' detector

Save time

This system helps you to save time. Team members can work on all activities in the control and exam room without interrupting each other. So while fluoroscopy/exposure is being done, staff in the control room can review previous images from the patient, prepare the next exam or finish reporting on another patient.
Simplify set-up and operation || Azurion 3 with 15'' detector

Simplify set-up and operation

With ProcedureCards, you can simplify and standardise system set-up for all cases, from routine to mixed procedures. For example, the system automatically selects the relevant ProcedureCard(s) based on the RIS/HIS/CIS code of the scheduled procedure. Presets (e.g. most-frequently used, default protocols and user-specified settings) facilitates you in increasing exam consistency.
Experience ease-of-use || Azurion 3 with 15'' detector

Experience ease-of-use

Azurion is designed to make your procedures flow. All Azurion systems have the same standardised user interface to train and rotate medical staff easily between labs. On screen, you can see easily information against the distinctive black background where active applications are highlighted. Users can instinctively move the system with the distinctly shaped buttons.
Use your lab effectively** || Azurion 3 with 15'' detector

Use your lab effectively**

In an increasingly demanding healthcare environment, our workflow consultants can help you pinpoint and decrease inefficient system time to improve workflow efficiency. They can benchmark system efficiency, identify idle capacity, and offer actionable direction for continuous improvement. This approach has helped our customers realise sustainable workflow improvements.
Evolve as your needs change || Azurion 3 with 15'' detector

Evolve as your needs change

As your requirements change you can easily integrate extra functionality and third-party applications. That is because the concept of upgrading and expanding has been built into the Azurion infrastructure. This standardised hardware and software platform provides access to a new generation of connected healthcare applications and technologies to evolve with you.
Unlock your potential || Azurion 3 with 15'' detector

Unlock your potential

Philips Healthcare Education can help unlock the full potential of your staff, technology and organisation to meet new challenges through innovative, meaningful and evidence-based healthcare education. Our comprehensive clinical, technical and business-related courses are designed to help you meet the need to control costs, streamline workflow and improve patient care.
  • * Some features are optionally available. Not all features are available on all systems. Please check with your Philips representative for local availability.