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ESTRO 2015

Philips innovations in Radiation Oncology

Cancer treatments are getting increasingly sophisticated and personalized, to provide the best results for your patients. The planning and preparation required for these treatments, however, is also getting more complex. To allow you to stay focused on your patients, Philips is dedicated to creating smart automation tools. We’ve been able to integrate the imaging, simulation, planning, and therapy tools required to deliver efficient and personalized care in radiation oncology for your patient.


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Fully integrated tools to deliver the efficient, personalized care your patients need


This year at the 3rd ESTRO Forum in Barcelona, we will be showcasing new solutions that increase workflow automation, confidence, consistency and accuracy in cancer treatment, by producing quality results in less time and enhancing patient-centric care. To learn more about our dedicated solutions in radiation oncology, please schedule a demonstration at our booth #1100 in CCIB. We also invite you to join the Philips Lunch Symposium on Monday, April 27, to learn about our perspectives on MR-only simulation and Auto-Planning.
Visit us at ESTRO 2015 and experience our innovations in radiotherapy.

Highlights of our innovations shown

Pinnacle³ Auto-Planning


There are many challenges to be faced today in IMRT and VMAT Planning. It is often a labor-intensive process, generating inconsistent results. There are many steps to IMRT treatment planning -often delaying start of treatment. The process is tedious and repetitive, requiring significant planner/physician interaction. Plan quality varies depending on the experience of the user, creating inconsistencies in treatment. Pinnacle³ Auto-Planning makes this entire process faster, less labor intensive and more reproducible. Read a case study about using Auto-Planning in an earlier edition of HotSpot.


Please view our customer testimonial video on Auto-Planning.

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Create more consistent treatment plans in less time with Pinnacle³ Auto-Planning.

Pinnacle³ Proton Planning


Determining which treatment modality is best for your patient can be difficult if you can’t compare and contrast the different treatment protocols. Pinnacle³ Proton Planning fully integrates proton therapy treatment planning with the conventional external beam treatment planning process in Pinnacle³, allowing seamless planning from a wide range of clinical applications for multiple delivery devices. Simplify treatment planning, compare treatment plans and modalities, and even plan composite treatments, while enjoying an improved workflow.

photon proton pinnacle proton planning S

Plan combined photon-proton treatments with Pinnacle3 Proton Planning.

MR-only simulation for Prostate¹ on the next generation Ingenia MR-RT


Today, MR has even more to offer in radiation treatment planning. Available as a plug-in extension to Ingenia MR-RT, MR-only simulation allows you to adopt a single-modality imaging approach that provides excellent soft-tissue contrast you trust for target delineation – plus density information for dose calculations. Fast scanning protocols and embedded post-processing steps generate MRCAT (MR for Calculating ATtenuation) images on the MR console in just a few minutes, with the density information you’d expect from CT.


Please view our customer testimonial on MR-only Simulation.

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Read more about this innovation in an earlier edition of HotSpot.

iPatient Platform for Brilliance CT Big Bore


Philips is introducing the iPatient platform and a new version of Tumor LOC to the Brilliance CT Big Bore. iPatient is an advanced platform that facilitates patient-centered imaging, now and in the future. The new version of Tumor LOC is enhanced with a new user interface and patient-marking workflow that combines tools for patient marking and CT simulation to increase productivity. Powered by Pinnacle3, this version of Tumor LOC is the first step in workflow integration between the Brilliance Big Bore CT scanner and Pinnacle3 treatment planning system.

ipatient platform for brilliance ct big bore desktop

Confidence and consistency with iPatient for the Brilliance CT Big Bore.

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Written by:

Joop van den Heuvel

Director Field Marketing Oncology 

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¹⋅ MR-only simulation is not yet CE marked, and not available for sale.

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