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Transcatheter mitral and tricuspid therapies

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Azurion 7 M20 with FlexArm

Azurion 7 M20 with FlexArm image-guided therapy system

The revolutionary Azurion with FlexArm gives you the freedom to improve and grow your minimally invasive care.

Unlimited imaging flexibility

More independent control for physician

Full staff positioning freedom

Unobstructed patient access for echocardiographers and anesthesiologists

Increased lab utilisation with procedure-based workflows

3D image fusion in any 45° position

EPIQ CVxi interventional ultrasound system

EPIQ CVxi interventional ultrasound system

Better appreciate structural heart abnormalities and impacted blood flows to perform the correct procedure with confidence with Cardiac TrueVue Color and Glass. Confidently assess the mitral valve with advanced automation that can deliver the multiple measurements and functional data required for robust echo information.


90% of clinicians who saw the new EPIQ CVx felt the new TrueVue 3D photorealistic rendering improved viewing of anatomical structures, thus increasing clinical confidence.1

EchoNavigator on FlexVision


EchoNavigator reorients and combines ultrasound and X-ray information into a single augmented visualisation for guidance and device-tissue relationship assessment.


In mitral valve repair EchoNavigator enables the following to elevate confidence and boost efficiency:

  • Automatic segmentation of 3D ultrasound to derive the left atrium, mitral annulus and ventricle in order to optimise fluoroscopic projections and provide context for navigation. For example, it shows the pulmonary vein ridge in relation to the clip during atrial manoeuvers
  • Manual markers automatically translated from ultrasound to fluoroscopy to keep sight of targets or critical structures to avoid
  • Live-on-live fusion of fluoroscopy and ultrasound including 2D, 3D and colour flow, to visualise positioning and device-tissue interactions

HeartNavigator heart model


The HeartNavigator is a CT planning and live overlay guidance solution using automatic heart model segmentation of anatomy to improve ease of use, speed and reproducibility.


During mitral intervention planning for annuloplasty, repair, valve replacement, paravalvular leak closure and others, HeartNavigator enables:

  • Automatic segmentation of cardiac structures and the mitral valve
  • Automatic mitral valve landmarks
  • Automatic orientation of the CT MPR to the mitral plane for easy analysis
  • Flexible measurement tools for device sizing and position planning
  • Virtual valves for Valve-in-Valve position and fit visualisation and overlay
  • Table side recall of planned X-ray projections
  • Live overlay of segmentation to visualise landing zones, circumflex artery and other annotations

    Customer experiences with Philips Azurion

    Azurion whitepaper

    The ability to treat one more patient per day, or in the future

    This is just one of the many improvements in lab performance achieved by the Interventional Vascular Department at St. Antonius Hospital after installing the Azurion system. The first Azurion lab performance study achieved impressive results2 which have been verified by an independent third party.*


    reduction in procedure time


    increase in usage of supporting software tools


    reduction in patient preparation time


    reduction in planned cases finished after normal working hours


    reduction in post-procedure time


    of physicians who participated in a simulated use study agreed that FlexArm offered uncompromised access to the patient's head end

    Clinical solutions for treating structural heart diseases

    Transcatheter Mitral and Tricuspid Therapies
    Azurion workflow solutions

    Azurion workflow solutions

    The Azurion has been specifically designed to integrate information from multiple sources and to save procedure time through flexible and user-centric display and control options. For example:

    • The touch screen module Pro enables table side control of images and applications with tablet ease, including the powerful Marker Tool to add annotations and outlines from reference images as live overlays.
    • FlexSpot is a clutter-free environment to control all connected applications.
    • Parallel working  enables people to work on two different activities at the same time without interruptions.
    • IntelliSpace Cardiovascular Is designed to help streamline workflow and improve operational performance throughout the cardiovascular service line, with a tight integration with Philips TOMTEC, Xper IM, IntelliSpace Portal and IntelliSpace ECG. IntelliSpace Cardiovascular also interfaces with multiple third-party applications. It can be viewed and controlled from FlexSpot and FlexVision Pro of Azurion.

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    Product availability is subject to country regulatory clearance. Please contact your local sales representative to check the availability in your country.



    1. Results obtained during user demonstrations performed in December 2017 with the EPIQ CVx and the iE33 systems. The research was designed and supervised by Use-Lab GmbH, an independent and objective engineering consultancy and user interface design company. The tests involved 42 clinicians from 17 countries. The various types of cardiac customer segments represented were adult diagnostics and interventional, adult diagnostics, and pediatric diagnostics and interventional. (Based on responses from 42 respondents.) Using the 3D Auto MV feature can reduce the time to analyze the mitral valve by 43% on average compared with MVN. (Results based on internal comparison between 3D Auto MV and MVN on a set of 15 3D MV datasets including both normal subjects and patients affected by mitral valve disease.)

    2. 100%:  Compared to the suites with Azurion 7 M20. Evaluated with clinical users in a simulated lab environment after approximately 20 minutes of practicing C-arm and table positioning.


    * Results are specific to the institution, where they were obtained. Results in other institutions may vary.

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