Hotel TV

Product type
Viewing experience

Deep blacks and pure whites: LED gives you extreme contrast and brilliance teamed with low power consumption. It uses selectively operated LEDs to precisely regulate the required level of backlighting. You benefit from the best picture quality and proven energy efficiency (up to A++ energy label)

Cost of ownership

MyChoice is a unique solution that helps to generate additional revenue. Through MyChoice, guests or patients can buy premium content in a simple way via a PIN code without additional investment costs for your facility.


Save serious money with SmartInstall. It allows for remote installation, configuration and channel mapping without entering the rooms. Combine it with SmartInfo to provide up-to-date branded information to guests.

Smart Info

Provide hotel info pages to share relevant information and offers on the TV screen and brand the TV experience with your company's design identity. Combine it with SmartInstall for easy, remote updating whenever you want.

Smart TV for Hospitality

App control allows you to add, delete and create profiles of Smart TV apps the way you want. With the cloneable profiles you can give your suites the high bandwidth video apps and other rooms the low bandwidth apps.

Advanced hospitality features
System Compatibility – SXP

The TV can be connected to external decoders and set-top boxes of all major interactive system providers, through the Serial Xpress Protocol (SXP).

Integrated Wi-Fi

Integrated IPTV – Unicast/Multicast

Save costs and clutter with integrated IPTV. Enjoy the benefits of an interactive hotel system without the need for an external box.

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