Trilogy Evo

Trilogy Evo

Information for patients and caregivers who have received a Trilogy Evo as a replacement for your existing ventilation device

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Ozone and UV light cleaning products are not currently approved cleaning methods for sleep apnea devices or masks and should not be used.

Trilogy Evo

I received a Trilogy Evo

Thank you for your patience with receiving your device. It has been provided to you as a part of the remediation of the Trilogy 100 ventilator.


This device has been inspected and is safe for your continued therapy use. We understand that any change to your therapy device can cause concern. We are working with your healthcare provider/DME to ensure proper and smooth replacement device setup. We have a patient management software solution that in many cases allows your healthcare provider to access the prescription settings from your previous device. This means your replacement device will have comparable settings to your previous device.

A note about recertified devices


While affected devices contained a polyester-based polyurethane (PE-PUR) sound abatement foam component, the sound abatement foam in all new and recertified devices is a silicone foam that has met all applicable industry testing standards, including particulate and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emissions testing, and is authorised as part of our remediation.

Providing patients with safe and high-quality therapy devices is our primary focus. Upon receipt of the device, in accordance with our repair and replacement process, we replace the sound abatement foam and associated air pathway blower with brand new parts. Your device's manufacturing warranty has been adjusted to cover all labor and materials to repair your replacement device free of charge. We will then thoroughly clean and decontaminate the device, update the firmware, test, and repackage it with a “refurbished” sticker to show that it is ready for use. By returning your original device, you can help to make sure that it can be repaired for future use by another patient.

Philips Trilogy Evo setup and use videos

Trilogy EVO Navigation around the device

Device navigation

Cleaning and Maintenance Trilogy EVO

Cleaning and maintenance

Trilogy EVO Accessories


Trilogy EVO Alarms and Trouble Shooting

Alarms and trouble shooting

Trilogy EVO Monitoring Screens

Monitoring screens

Cleaning your Trilogy Evo

Before resuming therapy on your new or replacement machine, you or your equipment provider must visually inspect the following accessories for evidence of particulate contamination:​ ​


  • Tubing
  • ​Mask components (mask, cushions and integrated tubing) ​
  • Humidifier tank and seals (if applicable)


​If there is no evidence of particles on any of these components: ​

  • Clean each component per their respective instructions for use ​
  • Reassemble and resume therapy on your new device​​


If visible particles are evident on any of these components: 

  • ​Contact your equipment provider for replacement options (prior to restarting therapy) ​​

Trilogy EVO Cleaning and Maintenance

Philips Trilogy Evo cleaning

Before you begin cleaning:

Unplug your device before cleaning

Do not submerge device in water

Always use distilled water in your humidifier tank

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