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Professional TV is moving beyond passive entertainment. Increasingly it’s about personalization, information and communication as well. Our TV and signage solutions can help you strengthen your brand, increase sales and drive repeat visits. Think 4K Ultra-HD with Wi-Fi Miracast™ and Chromecast for great pictures and easy guest connectivity. Interactive in-room displays for fast communications. Digital concierge services for events. It’s all possible.

Hospitality benefits:
✔   Make promotions high-impact
✔   Update information quickly
✔   Cross-promote facilities
✔   Welcome conference guests by name

✔   Enhance concierge services
✔   Increase comfort with interactive wayfinding

✔   Making changes easily with central control

Recommended Models

The Philips


Philips displays are all about comfort and convenience for the Hospitality market. Bringing premium features into your space, your staff and guests will enjoy more options that work perfectly each time.

CMND & Create


Customize your content with CMND & Create. This powerful authoring tool comes included with your Philips Professional Display to help you design and create your own rich, compelling content. You can brand all the displays throughout the hotel the way you want to, simply and effectively.

CMND & Control


Manage all your connected displays through a single, centralized location. With CMND & Control, you can update your software, settings, scheduling and content configurations across your entire suite quickly and efficiently. No need to go room to room to manually change settings anymore. 



Straddling the line between form and function, QuadViewer allows our large format screens to be split up into four separate zones, perfect for meeting rooms and conferences. 

Android Apps

Impress your guests with infinite possibilities. Choose from an ever-growing collection of apps, games and services to maximize your guests’ overall experience with you. Better still, personal device connectivity will give your rooms a sophisticated modern touch.

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