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Oncology Dashboard* is an application that runs on IntelliSpace Radiology and IntelliSpace Enterprise to provide information needed to help clinicians develop insight into disease, treatment, and follow up data in one, easy-to-read overview.

Provides disease and treatment respon... || KBA 1

Provides disease and treatment response overview

A dynamic, patient-centric timeline provides an integrated overview of disease, treatment, and follow up data in a single, easy-to-read overview. Lesions can be included or excluded, allowing management of target lesions and assessment of overall treatment response.
Treatment response assessment made ea... || KBA 1

Treatment response assessment made easy

Oncology Dashboard offers an easy and intuitive way for oncologists to access radiology data on target lesions, and provides quick, interactive access to radiology measurement images. Oncologists can easily track disease and treatment over time and assess overall treatment response.
Easy-to-understand data presentation || KBA 1

Easy-to-understand data presentation

Oncology Dashboard provides clinicians with an easy-to-understand presentation of disease progression for patient consultation.
Avoid transcription errors || KBA 1

Avoid transcription errors

Oncology Dashboard uses the measurements made with Measurement Assistant to offer direct transfer of PACS measurements, helping you avoid dictation, transcription, and copying errors.
Transparent collaboration between rad... || KBA 1

Transparent collaboration between radiology and oncology

Oncologists have immediate and easy access to original images with radiology-annotated measurements.
  • *Oncology Dashboard is a part of Clinical Context Apps for IntelliSpace PACS